Seværdigheder på Nordfyn

Don't miss: Attractions and sights on North Funen

What do you just have to see on North Funen? There is plenty to see on North Funen and we are happy to give you suggestions for the exciting sights to experience when visiting Bogense, Otterup, Hasmark and the other places on North Funen!

What should you see on North Funen? What are the main sights and what not to miss? Of course, it all depends on what you are interested in. Because we have many different experiences to offer you. But we have made the attempt and come up with some good suggestions for your holiday on North Funen.

We have put together some different categories - do you have any good suggestions yourself? Then feel free to post your suggestions on Facebook. You can also look for the best beaches, the greatest art experiences, playgrounds and much more…