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Nature tales on North Funen

It's possible to go on Nature Adventures in different places on North Funen with the kids and have a wonderful experience in nature in your very own adventure!

Let yourself and your kids slip into the world of fairy tales on one of the many Nature Adventures on North Funen. Combine your walk with storytelling at the places you explore. The adventures are suitable for children aged 3-9 years and are between 1.2 and 2 kilometres long.

Nature adventure

Each adventure is a unique story set in North Funen. Each adventure follows a route with each chapter in a different location in the area. For example, meet the little boy and the mermaid at Bogense, help Ulla the Fox rescue the dragon at Dallund Castle or find the recipe for the world's strongest plate at Fuglsang.

Maybe you can help the sorceress Sigrid bring a dragon home safely at the End of the World at Flyvesandet or free the bird king with Ingolf the fox in Otterup Byskov. You can also help detective Finn de Ville solve the mystery of the missing town hall bell in Bogense.

And you can try a brand new adventure in Glavendruplunden: Harald and the Great Runestone, where you will help the Viking boy Harald to find out who is trying to steal the huge rune stone.

How to go on an adventure

In order to go on a nature adventure you just need to download the app Natureventyr on your phone.

Download in App Store here!

Download in Google Play here!

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