Visit Æbelø

Photo: Keld Skytte Petersen

Visit the beautiful island on top of Funen and see the beautiful unspoilt nature. Shhh - if you're quiet, you can see the deer and muflon that live on the island, and perhaps you might be lucky enough to see the impressive sea eagles.

Play Robinson Crusoe for a day and explore the deserted island off the coast of North Funen. It is not dangerous - as long as you follow our advice, you can have a wonderful experience in the beautiful nature.

Today, Æbelø is a nature reserve, and nature is allowed to look after itself, becoming like the primeval forest. Here are sea eagles, deer and muflon and many rare insects and birds - remember to bring your binoculars! Æbelø is also a fantastic fishing spot all around the island.

Æbelø was previously covered by forest, and there has also been farming. More than 40 people lived here just 50 years ago, and you can still see the main countryhouse Æbeløgård and the lighthouse as well as the ruins of the other houses. Along the coast there is a fantastic view. As you walk along the coast on Æbelø, you can see that the cliffs with trees are sliding down into the sea. It is the plastic Æbelø clay that causes the soil layers to slide apart. Here's so much to look at - pack a food basket and head out for a nice hike!

See the tide table for Æbelø here!

When to go to Æbelø?

Check out the tide tables for Æbelø!

Please check out the FAQ section below for more information and good advice about your trip to Æbelø!

More on Æbelø

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Fishing on Æbelø

There are good fishing spots around the island of Æbelø. You must wear waders and be able to cope with the hike through the water, and then you can catch many fish, especially between April-July and September-November.

Dræet (Island)

Once upon a time, 40 people lived in their own little community here - now there are only ruins and nature left. Dræet is a tiny island close to Æbelø...

Ejlinge Island

Ejlinge is a tiny island north of Bogense and close to Æbelø - visit the island and see its beautiful coastline and impressive bird life!

Lighthouse Æbelø Fyr

The lighthouse on Æbelø is beautiful and well-preserved - and hard to find with its unique location on the deserted island on top of Funen!

Public toilet at Lindøhoved

Public toilet at Lindøhoved - right at the ebb road to Æbelø. There is no handicap toilet and no water.

See Æbelø from above - on video!

Photo: Jens Wognsen

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Find Æbelø

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