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Photo: Nina Flintegaard

Go on a nice guided island walk, try stand up paddling or sea kayaking, go for a horseback ride at Bogense or enjoy a nice sailing trip on the Kattegat.

North Funen offers you lots of fun things to try!

Tour de nature

Guided experiences in the North Funen nature!

Guided bike tour along Flyvesandet, Egebjerggård and Kjørup

Join the unique bike ride on the very tip of Funen!

Horseback riding from Bogense

It's time to go on a ride! Take a guided horseback ride this summer - or arrange a riding tour with the riding school throughout the year. Guided hors...

Remember to book adult as well as a child tickets if your family is going horseback riding /🐎

Guided Bike Tour to Gyldensteen Strand

Join the 27 km-bike tour from Bogense to Gyldensteen Strand and the Renaissance castle Harridslevgaard with lots of good stories and great views!

Bison Safari at Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

Join a guided bison safari in the covered prairie wagon and get to know the big bison on the trip on their fields while you hear exciting stories abou...

Guided tour of Gyldensteen Strand

Gyldensteen Strand is beautiful in summer - see Funen's largest nature restoration on a walk with a guide who knows everything about the area!

Guided walks

Exciting stories and beautiful nature experiences on lovely hikes and walks - put your shoes on and get ready!

Guided tour of the flattest North Funen

Explore North Funen's beautiful, flat landscape and the lovely coast of Bogense on a nice 3 hour guided hike! The route is 8.5 km long.

Guided tour at estates, woods and manor houses

Explore the history and the beauty of the northern Funen countryside on a guided hike along the beautiful estates close to Bogense. The route is 16 km...

Guided hike Bogense - Fogense - Hugget

Guided walk in a characteristic part of the North Funen countryside - the beautiful coast of Bogense and Fogense. The route is 18 km long.

Guided hike Bogense - Castle Gyldensteen and Strand

Discover Denmark's nicest market town Bogense, the beautiful manor house Gyldensteen Estate and the beautiful nature reserve Gyldensteen Strand on a l...

Guided hike on Enebærodde

See Funen's largest moorland on Enebærodde between Kattegat and Odense Fjord and get the good stories about the nature and the people who have lived h...

Guided Tour of the Reclaimed Lands at Odense Fjord

Join the exciting guided tour on the former seabed along the dikes at Odense Fjord!

Hygge and good stories!

Guided tours of North Funen history

Stories about the old town in the former railway town Otterup

Hear the good stories about the old railway town and experience Otterup in a whole new way! Saturdays from 11 July to 1 August from 10 AM.

Bus Trip - across idyllic Funen

The author Morten Korch was inspired by the beautiful Funen countryside and cozy half-timbered houses. Go on a bus tour in the footsteps of the popula...

Town Walk in Bogense

Join the guided town walk - or make your own guided town walk of Bogense with our written guide to the town!

Guided tour of North Funen's oldest House

Get close and personal with North Funen history on a guided tour of North Funen's oldest house! Thursdays from 9 July to 6 August at 7-8 PM.

Guided Walk of the Glavendrup Grove

Get a guided tour of the Glavendrup Grove where you can see the large stone ship and the runic stone with the longest runic inscription found in Denma...

Guided tour of Klintebjerg

From a small fishing village to Odense Fjord's largest port to today's marina - get the story of Klintebjerg Harbour and Odense Fjord!

off we go on the water!

Fun for everyone who loves the water and unique experiences!

Sea kayak trip to Æbelø

Join this summer's coolest trip to beautiful Æbelø in a sea kayak, where you'll see the beautiful nature and the water from a completely different angle!

Sea kayaking at Båring Vig

Try a fun outing in a sea kayak in beautiful Båring Vig!

SUP lessons in Bogense Marina

It'll be great - and wet - with fun SUP lessons on Bogense Marina where you'll learn how to stand up paddle and try paddling in the marina!

Boat trips on MS Castor

Go on a boat trip on the good old galeas MS Castor of Bogense!

Pirate trip on board MS Castor

Arrr, are all landlubbers ready? Join us in the search for the lost pirate treasure! But first you'll have to capture the ship!

An evening at sea

Enjoy an evening at sea with the old wooden ship MS Castor sailing towards Æbelø. Remember to bring your picnic basket so you can enjoy some food on t...

Sunset Boat Trip towards Æbelø

Take the family out to see the sunset at Æbelø aboard the MS Castor while you enjoy a light meal. Along the way you'll get to hear the good stories ab...

Boat trip to the island Endelave

Visit the bunny island Endelave with the old ship Castor where a guide on a prairie wagon will be ready to take you out to experience the island.

Boat Trip to island Tunø on board MS Castor

Sail along to magical Tunø which offers beautiful scenery and quiet surroundings. Along the way, you may be lucky enough to spot seals and porpoises i...

Boat trips Bogense - Samsø

Experience beautiful Samsø on your own with a day trip with MS Castor. You can take the bike with you and get further into the landscape from Kolby Kå...

Psst - remember to book tickets from Bogense to Samsø and tickets from Samsø to Bogense. You can also travel further in Denmark 😊

Parks, gardens and lots of roses

Touring the parks and orchards and rose fields of North Funen!

Gyldensteen Sightseeing

Go on an exclusive tour of the Gyldensteen Castle Park, see the beautiful private garden and enjoy a taste of the delicious Gyldensteen cider!

Guided tour of the rose fields

See the beautiful roses on a lovely guided tour of the rose fields at Bogense - for free!

Guided Walk in the old Orchard Fjordvang Frugtplantage

Join the fruit grower on a nice tour of the old fruit orchard! Tuesdays at 7 PM from 30 June to 4 August.

Guided tour of Labøllegaard

Wednesdays and Thursdays in July and August there are tours of the biodynamic farm Labøllegaard. Book an exciting tour!