Visit Bogense

Photo: Jens Wognsen

Visit Denmark's nicest market town and see the fine old houses, enjoy an ice cream at the old harbour, go shopping or see the big ships at the marina.

It's always a good time to visit Bogense!

We'll show you everything you need to see on your trip to Bogense!

Bogense is a nice part of Funen! Visit the town and hop into the water from the sea bath, buy fresh peas or old bags at the market or enjoy a delicious meal at one of the cozy restaurants.

Take the kids and run into the water at the lovely sandy beach or try the playgrounds there.

And you shouldn't miss Bogense's marina with lots of impressive ships and the old harbour, where there is a good atmosphere with old fishing huts, good cafés and exciting shops.


What should you absolutely see in Bogense?

Manneken Pis, Bogense

Little Manneken is not only in Brussels, you'll also find him on Adelgade in Bogense!

The Carillon at Bogense Town Hall

Which melody is the carillon in Bogense playing? The carillon plays different melodies during the day, and the repertoire changes throughout the year.

Elle in Bogense

At the far end the Western Pier at Bogense Marina, the mermaid Elle welcomes everyone to Bogense, the town of mermaids - do you dare to go out and gre...

Nordfyns Museum

North Funen's history in concentrated form at a museum - see the various exhibitions and get a good insight into Bogense's and North Funen's past!

See the list of the biggest sights in Bogense and find out more about the old houses!

Photo: Jens Wognsen

A glass of wine - and a nice meal!

Photo: Jens Wognsen

Looking for a good place to eat in Bogense? Here's a little bit of everything from cafés in town to fish restaurants at the harbour, from pizza to good old-fashioned Danish food.

Find the best places to eat in Bogense!

Harbour life in Bogense

A good time at the harbour, nice cafés, pretty ships and a good mood - visit the old harbour and Bogense Marina!

Bogense Marina

Bogense Marina is an impressive sight with all the big yachts - there is room for 700 yachts in the modern marina!

Bogense Old Harbour

The Old Harbour in Bogense was built way back in 1828 and was once a very active industrial and ferry port, but today it is pure cosiness, large boats and an impressive view.

Bogense by the water

Did you know that Bogense has a nice kid-friendly sandy beach right next to the marina? And then there is also a nice sea bath from which you can jump in the waves all year round ...

Bogense Marina Beach

Nice sandy beach close to Bogense town and marina - for kite surfing, sunbathing and kids playing in the shallow water!

Bogense Sea Bath - public bathing in Bogense

Dive into the water and enjoy the sauna afterwards, swim for a lap in the ocean swimming lane or swim to the raft. The sea bath in Bogense is nice in winter as well as summer!

Shopping in Bogense!

Photo: Børge Pedersen

Enjoy a nice walk!

We've got some good suggestions for a walk in and around Bogense!

The Clover Leaf Routes at Bogense

The clover leaf routes in and around Bogense are a great way to exercise and experience the beautiful nature and the lovely market town. You can wa...

Fredskoven in Bogense

A protected forest is a forest where many of the trees are preserved - and here in Fredskoven by Bogense you'll see many old trees and a nice forest p...

Vestre Enge, the Green Heart of Bogense

Vestre Enge is a beautiful nature area where you can see meadows as they looked 100 years ago - a great place to spot birds and other animals!

Barfods Dam (Pond) in Bogense

Barfod's Pond is a beautiful idyll where you can fish, enjoy the packed lunch in the open nature or jump around on the nature playground next to the p...

Playgrounds in Bogense

Are the children bored? There are lots of good playgrounds in Bogense!

Nature playground in the Fredskov Woods in Bogense

Playground, fitness center, learning center and scenic area, all in one. Here is something for all ages and temperaments - whether you are facing physical challenges, whether you want to learn and explore or whether you just want to enjoy nature. The area is divided into spaces with di...

Playground at Bogense Marina

Nice playground by the marina. There are slides, swings, a playhouse, climbing nets and much more. The children can also play in the sand. Close to th...

Fitness playground at Bogense Marina

Playground for adults as well as children  Get a good workout at the outdoor fitness center overlooking the marina. Here are 12 different fitnes...

Nature Playground at Bogense Marina

Fun in Nature The nature playground in Bogense offers fun challenges and nice playground equipment - in the midst of beautiful scenery. Take the...

NatureMoves - Nature Playground in Bogense

It's fun to be out in nature! You will find lots of fun at the NatureMoves park in Bogense, where you will find an aerial lift, a fishing lake, tipis,...

Find Bogense!

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