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Photo: Viggo Lind

Gyldensteen Strand is a beautiful nature area close to Bogense with lakes, lagoons and sea views. Go for a walk on the wide paths throughout the area and see the birds and animals from the bird towers, It's a perfect place for a picnic, too - see you there!

Millions and millions of tons of water poured in when the dikes were removed from the coast near Bogense in 2014... But don't worry, because it's all part of Funen's largest natural restoration project. Gyldensteen Strand was reclaimed from the sea in the 19th century and the seabed was transformed into agricultural land. But now the water has returned, and a lagoon and lake have been recreated in the area.

Get out here and go for a walk. There are good hiking trails in the area and there are bird towers in three different places in the area so you can see the views of the beautiful area. Maybe you can also spot a sea eagle flying by - or the seals sunbathing on rocks by the water?

Why not bring your lunch pack? Gyldensteen Strand also has a covered nature room with tables and benches where you can relax with food after a nice walk.

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Longitude: 10.15892

Latitude: 55.580017

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