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Enebærodde is located right between Kattegat and Odense Fjord and offers many beautiful nature experiences. Put on your sneakers or your bike and go on an amazing tour around the spit, where there is peace and quiet and great views!

Pack a food basket, hop on your bike and bring your binoculars - it's time to experience the beautiful Enebærodde spit. The spit separates Odense Fjord from the Kattegat, and there are only 400 meters between the tip of the spit at the lighthouse and Lodshuse on the other side at Hindsholm. Enebærodde offers good sandy beaches where you can relax and soak up the sun or go for a fresh dip in the waves. There are also many good fishing spots along the spit, so it's a good idea to bring your fishing rod.

You can see Enebærodde on the 12 km long trail along the coast on both sides of the headland. Here you pass by deciduous forest and spruce forest planted in the 19th century, and you see Funen's largest heath with the beautiful heather and the juniper bushes that have given the headland its name - Enebærodde means Juniper Spit in Danish. Towards Odense Fjord there are bird sanctuaries. You also see Galloway cattle grazing, and then you may also see some of the other residents of the spit: There is a large group of black adders on Enebærodde, and they enjoy sunbathing in the sand. But don't worry, because they are more afraid of you than you are of them. You come to Enebærodde by driving towards Halshusene, where there is a large parking lot. Cars are not allowed on the spit.

Here is peace and quiet - and it's a unique experience!

Biking on Enebærodde

Biking is a great way to see the spit!

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Fish and stories

Did you know that Enebærodde ist owned by a large estate? And it's also a good place to go fishing. Read more about the spit!

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