A couple walking on Æbelø

Nature is waiting for you...

Check out North Funen!

Holiday on North Funen!

Beautiful scenery, lovely beaches, big bison, fun bike rides, long walks, nice harbours, perfect kayaking, Denmark's friendliest market town Bogense and much more - North Funen is full of fun experiences. Come see for yourself!

Visit Bogense

Visit Denmark's nicest market town and see the fine old houses, enjoy an ice cream at the old harbour, go shopping or see the big ships at the marina.

Beach life on North Funen

North Funen offers you lovely child-friendly sandy beaches, cozy harbour life with beautiful boats, fun water parks and a long coastline where you can...

Visit Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

At Ditlevsdal Bison Farm you can join the bison safari, stay in the prairie houses, eat delicious food at the restaurant, spend the night in shelters ...

A bite of North Funen

From candy floss to fresh fish ... North Funen has it all. Find the best food in farm shops, roadside stalls and gourmet shops or enjoy your dinner at...

Let's go!

Lace up your shoes or hop on the bike - it's time to go hiking or biking around North Funen...

Hikes on North Funen

Go for the beautiful nature, stay for the hiking! Noth Funen's got some nice hiking trails and paths where you can walk or run - all year round.

Bike holiday on North Funen

North Funen is the perfect place for your bike tour. Here are many different bike routes and good bike paths, where you can enjoy the scenery. Hop on your bike and enjoy a wonderful holiday!

What to see on North Funen

You don't want to miss out on this...