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Nature is waiting for you...

Check out North Funen!

Holiday on North Funen!

Beautiful scenery, lovely beaches, big bison, fun bike rides, long walks, nice harbours, perfect kayaking, Denmark's friendliest market town Bogense and much more - North Funen is full of fun experiences. Come see for yourself!

Book experiences

aGo on a nice guided island walk, try stand up paddling or sea kayaking, go for a horseback ride at Bogense or enjoy a nice sailing trip on the Kattegat. North Funen offers you lots of fun things to try!

Visit Bogense

Bogense is Denmark's nicest market town!

Beach life on North Funen

Enjoy your holiday by the water!

Visit Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

It's time for an American-style bison holiday on Ditlevsdal Bison Farm!

A bite of North Funen

Take a bite of North Funen and find the best food!

Let's go!

Lace up your shoes or hop on the bike - it's time to go hiking or biking around North Funen...

Hikes on North Funen

Go for the beautiful nature, stay for the hiking! Noth Funen's got some nice hiking trails and paths where you can walk or run - all year round.

Bike holiday on North Funen

North Funen is the perfect place for your bike tour. Here are many different bike routes and good bike paths, where you can enjoy the scenery. Hop on your bike and enjoy a wonderful holiday!

Unique experiences

Go on a boat trip, try sea kayaking or guided tours of places that are otherwise closed... have fun experiences on North Funen!

Horseback riding from Bogense

It's time to go on a ride! Take a guided horseback ride this summer - or arrange a riding tour with the riding school throughout the year.

Guided tour of Gyldensteen Strand

Gyldensteen Strand is beautiful in summer - see Funen's largest nature restoration on a walk with a guide who knows everything about the area!

Nature Walk on Vigelsø

See the largest island in Odense Fjord! Go on a small boat trip to the island Vigelsø and enjoy a guided walk, a nice meal with grilled fish and game ...

Sunset Boat Trip towards Æbelø

Take the family out to see the sunset at Æbelø aboard the MS Castor while you enjoy a light meal. Along the way you'll get to hear the good stories ab...

Sea kayak trip to Æbelø

Join this summer's coolest trip to beautiful Æbelø in a sea kayak, where you'll see the beautiful nature and the water from a completely different ang...

Gyldensteen Sightseeing

Go on an exclusive tour of the Gyldensteen Castle Park, see the beautiful private garden and enjoy a taste of the delicious Gyldensteen cider!

Pirate trip on board MS Castor

Arrr, are all landlubbers ready? Join us in the search for the lost pirate treasure! But first you'll have to capture the ship!

Guided tour of the flattest North Funen

Explore North Funen's beautiful, flat landscape and the lovely coast of Bogense on a nice 3 hour guided hike! The route is 8.5 km long.

What to see on North Funen?

Don't miss out!

Don't miss: Attractions and sights on North Funen

Discover the biggest sights on North Funen!

Visit Æbelø

Visit the deserted island of Æbelø and enjoy a unique experience!

Visit Gyldensteen Strand

Enjoy the great nature and amazing birdlife of Gyldensteen Strand!

The best playgrounds on North Funen

Find the best playgrounds on North Funen and let the kids loose!

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Photo: Jens Wognsen