Hikes on North Funen

Photo: Jens Wognsen

Go for the beautiful nature, stay for the hiking! Noth Funen's got some nice hiking trails and paths where you can walk or run - all year round.

Tie your hiking shoes and go for a hike in the countryside. You can follow the Clover Routes on North Funen, which take you past many of the best sights. You can also go to one of the many nature areas and park there to enjoy a picnic and a nice walk.


Experience nature!

Hiking in the largest nature areas on North Funen!

Visit Æbelø

Visit the deserted island of Æbelø and enjoy a unique experience!

Visit Gyldensteen Strand

Enjoy the great nature and amazing birdlife of Gyldensteen Strand!

Visit Enebærodde

Discover the unique nature of the headland between Kattegat and Odense Fjord

Visit Langesø

Visit the Langesø woods to enjoy the beautiful lake under the tall trees!

Visit Odense Fjord

Odense Fjord is great all along the coast - especially from Klintebjerg to Enebærodde!

Visit Flyvesandet

Flyvesandet is unique nature - you'll not find anything like it on Funen!

Clover routes on North Funen

There are clover trails from Bogense, Otterup, Søndersø and Skåstrup. Check out the map, follow the clover signs, and enjoy the walk!

The Clover Leaf Routes at Bogense

The clover leaf routes in and around Bogense are a great way to exercise and experience the beautiful nature and the lovely market town. You can wa...

The Clover Leaf Routes in Otterup

The Clover Leaf Routes in Otterup: Enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise in the lovely nature in Otterup. You can walk, run or bike on all t...

The Clover Leaf Routes in Skåstrup

The Clover Leaf Routes in Skåstrup are a great way to enjoy nature. The routes take you through small lovely villages and beautiful nature. All routes...

The Clover Leaf Routes in Søndersø

Experience the town of Søndersø and the surrounding nature. Søndersø has four Clover Leaf Routes, and they’re all a great way to get some exercise and...

The beach on foot!

Go for a nice walk or run in the sand!

Enjoy the beach all year round

Photo: Jens Wognsen

Looking for a shorter hike!

Discover the pretty bogs and forests of North Funen that are not so well visited. Or take a walk along the lake in front of Dallund Castle and enjoy the nice view.

Nærå Strand (Fjord)

Nærå Strand is a shallow fjord, where you can see the marsh as it has looked in many places in Denmark, and spot the many birds in the area.

Hasmarkmosen (the Hasmark bog)

The bog is wild and overgrown, beautiful and fascinating - and if you walk quietly, you can spot many animals and birds!

Dalene Woods at Roerslev

In the deep, quiet tranquility of the forest by Dalene you will find many traces of North Funen's past, and here it's also nice to walk under the tall...


Ølundgård, Lammesø and Firtalsstranden are beautiful protected nature areas by Odense Fjord, where you can see how the land reclamation have given lif...

Dallund Castle by Søndersø

See the impressive white castle building at Dallund, which dates back to the 16th century - and take a walk around the beautiful lake in front of the ...

Come along on a guided hike!

Book a guided hike and see more of North Funen!

Guided tour of the flattest North Funen

Explore North Funen's beautiful, flat landscape and the lovely coast of Bogense on a nice 3 hour guided hike! The route is 8.5 km long.

Guided tour at estates, woods and manor houses

Explore the history and the beauty of the northern Funen countryside on a guided hike along the beautiful estates close to Bogense. The route is 16 km...

Guided hike Bogense - Fogense - Hugget

Guided walk in a characteristic part of the North Funen countryside - the beautiful coast of Bogense and Fogense. The route is 18 km long.

Guided hike Bogense - Castle Gyldensteen and Strand

Discover Denmark's nicest market town Bogense, the beautiful manor house Gyldensteen Estate and the beautiful nature reserve Gyldensteen Strand on a l...

Guided tour of Gyldensteen Strand

Gyldensteen Strand is beautiful in summer - see Funen's largest nature restoration on a walk with a guide who knows everything about the area!

Guided hike on Enebærodde

See Funen's largest moorland on Enebærodde between Kattegat and Odense Fjord and get the good stories about the nature and the people who have lived h...

Guided Tour of the Reclaimed Lands at Odense Fjord

Join the exciting guided tour on the former seabed along the dikes at Odense Fjord!