Par går tur på stranden ved Flyvesandet

Hikes on North Funen

Photo: Instafilm/ Hike Fyn-projektet er støttet af Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse

Go for the beautiful nature, stay for the hiking! Noth Funen's got some nice hiking trails and paths where you can walk or run - all year round.

Tie your hiking shoes and go for a hike in the countryside. You can follow the Clover Routes on North Funen, which take you past many of the best sights. You can also go to one of the many nature areas and park there to enjoy a picnic and a nice walk.


The beach on foot!

Go for a nice walk or run in the sand!

Looking for a shorter hike!

Discover the pretty bogs and forests of North Funen that are not so well visited. Or take a walk along the lake in front of Dallund Castle and enjoy the nice view.

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