Seværdigheder i Bogense

What to see in Bogense

What to see in Bogense? Find the great sights and all the quirky details of Bogense on your very own city walk, where you can find the history of the old buildings you walk by. Bogense offers so many great stories - now you get to know the town!

Bogense has a long history as a market town and got its marketplace privileges from Danish King Erik Menved in 1288. But even before that time, Bogense was an active trading place with a ferry to Klakring at Juelsminde in Jutland. In 1575, the town was reduced to ashes in a fire disaster, and the town was not rebuilt into a trading place in the same way as before. On the other hand, Bogense became the most important trading town for the upland and had many factories at the old port, and in the 1900s the town become an important railway town with a railway station and connections to Odense and Middelfart.

Today, Bogense is Denmark's nicest market town with a well-preserved town square and many old, cozy town houses. Find out more about houses and sights on this self-guided city walk through the old part of Bogense, where we start and end at Bogense harbour.


Bogense city walk