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Photo: Casper Hansen

The forests at Langesø are beautiful all year round. Enjoy a lovely walk around the lake or go on a sweaty MTB ride on the demanding MTB routes in the woods. You can also enjoy a nice horse ride or rent a boat and fish in the lake. Langesø offers all kinds of activities!

Going for a picnic? Langesø is the great choice for a nice day. There are many hiking trails in the woods, and you can of course also enjoy a nice walk along the lake, where you have a view of Langesø Castle and the beautiful chapel, which is one of Funen's most popular wedding churches.

There's also an exclusive golf course where you can play golf in unique surroundings. If you want more action, bring your bike and get plenty of speed and exercise on the MTB tracks. Or take a nice horse ride in the beautiful forest. Remember to buy a license before cycling or riding in the woods. Is the fishing rod pulling you? Rent a boat and go on a fishing trip in lake Langesø.

Every winter there is a Christmas market in the Langesø woods and the area is beautiful all year round - come enjoy the stunning nature close to Odense.

Hygge at Langesø

Where to eat and what to see - it's all about hygge and having a good time!

Café Victoria Douglashuset, Morud

The house is shaped as an octagon and built from the large Douglas firs growing in the forest. From the terrace you can enjoy the beautiful view to t...

Langesø Vaffelhus

Delicious Italian ice cream, chocolate, coffee, apple pie, pancakes and much more - hygge in the middle of the Langesø Woods!

Langesø Castle

The beautiful Langesø Castle is located next to the long lake and close to Odense, in the middle of the deep woods ...

Langesø Castle Chapel

In the deep peace and quiet of the forest, lies a small chapel so beautiful to see - it is Langesø Chapel, which has a unique location by the lake and...

FAQ on Langesø

We answer your questions!

Bike ride at Langesø

Biking for leisure or up for the challenging MTB-trails?

Bike Tour: The Langesø Route

The Langesø route is a cycle route through an exceptionally beautiful landscape. The Langesø cycling route is 22 km through a very hilly and theref...

Bike Tour: The Rugård Route

The Rugårds route is 30 km long and very hilly, especially in the Langesø Forest. There is a 50 m ascent and a 50 m descent on the route.

Langesø MTB Track

Try two of Denmark's best MTB tracks in absolutely fantastic and challenging terrain!

MTB School in the Langesø Woods

Get much better at mountain biking and learn the good tricks at the MTB school in the Langesø woods!

Active for life!

Golf, fishing or rowing on the lake?

Boat Rental at Langesø

Enjoy a wonderful boat trip in lake Langesø at the beautiful forest Langesøskov. Experience a nice trip, where you see the area in a completely new...

Fishing in Langesø

Rent a boat and go fishing in Langesø by Morud - here are good fishing opportunities and a unique nature experience in the lake by the large forest.

Langesø is perfect for a run! Remeber to bring your sneakers and enjoy the nature while you get som excercise...

Langesø Golf

Langesø Golf is a beautiful and well-kept course with challenges for both experienced players and beginners, and the golf course is located in fantast...

Map of Langesø

Find the Langesø Woods!