A bite of North Funen

Photo: Jens Wognsen

From candy floss to fresh fish ... North Funen has it all. Find the best food in farm shops, roadside stalls and gourmet shops or enjoy your dinner at a good restaurant.

North Funen has every kind of delicacy you can dream of: Delicious asparagus, mushrooms, onions, apples, cherries and pumpkins and much more. Buy it in one of the farm shops or go to the local supermarkets, where you can also buy fresh produce from North Funen. Or park at one of the many roadside stalls and get some home with you for dinner.

Want your holidya to last long after coming home, or do you need souvenirs? Buy chocolates from the local chocolatier l'Artisan at the shop Vinspecialisten Bogense, find the best cheeses at the Ostehuset in Otterup, buy apple juice from the Egeby Frugt orchard and much, much more - enjoy the local food!

Looking for a good place to eat? Then you will find some nice cafes and restaurants on Nordfyn. depending on whether you fancy tapas, fish buffet, bison burger or a good old-fashioned Danish dinner.

Bogense Maskintorsk

What's the most local dish? Some people say it's Bogense Maskintorsk, or Bogense Machine Cod, which the fishermen made by letting bolied cod simmering on the fishing boat's machine until they got hungry...

Bogense Maskintorsk


1 kg cod/750 g of cod fillets

3-400 g celery


Salt, pepper and mustard seed to taste

The cod is cleaned and cut into slices. Grease a pan with butter. Celery is cut into thin slices. Put the fish and celery in the pan with the butter and spices between the layers - cod should be both top and bottom. Simmer under lid on low heat for approx. 1 hour. Serve directly from the pan with boiled potatoes.

Danish TV made a version of the dish!

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