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Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

Photo: Ditlevsdal Bison Farm
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Ditlevsdal Bison Farm is Europe's largest bison farm! Here you can buy delicious bison meat in the farm shop, you can go on a bison safari, take part in all the activities in the summer, spend the night in prairie houses or shelters next to the bison or enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant.

Tokkerodvej 24

5462 Morud

Ditlevsdal Bison Farm is Europe's largest bison farm housing about 400 animals. Come and have a wonderful experience and enjoy the genuine prairie atmosphere among the large animals.

Guided tours

Get a good look at the great bison on close hand on a safari tour among the great animals!  

It is a good idea to book tickets.

Western days 17-19 October

Learn how to throw a lasso, bake some twist bread, go on a treasure hunt or join the bison safari. Or enjoy a bison meat dish. There are western days at Ditlevsdal Bison Farm during the autumn holidays, Thursday-Saturday from 11 AM.

Restaurant and farm shop

All year round, the restaurant and the farm shop are open.

You can enjoy a great meal in the restaurant with bison on the menu. 

And you can buy souvenirs, delicacies and the delicious bison meat in the farm shop.

It is also possible to have parties, birthdays, meetings and conferences on the farm. You can of course plan many exciting activities as well as a bison safari. 

You can find opening hours for Ditlevsdal at


Tokkerodvej 24

5462 Morud


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