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Photo: Kurt Due

Odense Fjord is always beautiful, and did you know that you can hike or bike along the coast from Odense to Enebærodde? Discover Odense Fjord from Klintebjerg to Enebærodde and enjoy the unique nature.

Odense Fjord is big, beautiful and full of life and activities. Take a bike ride along the trails and enjoy the beautiful view, go for a nice walk on Enebærodde that separates Odense Fjord from Kattegat, eat ice cream at Klintebjerg Harbour, take the kayak out to Vigelsø, the largest island in Odense Fjord, look for birds at the beautiful nature reserve Ølundgård-Lammesø or look at boats at Otterup Marina Harbour Egensedybet.

Odense Fjord was once much larger than it is today. But thanks to land reclamation projects such as at Ølund 200 years ago, which was the largest containment of the time, the fjord has changed. You can read about the enclosures in the small museum Fjordmarkens Formidlingshus.

Every year the fjord is celebrated at Fjord Day Fjordens Dag with lots of activities at Klintebjerg and Egensedybet on the second Sunday in September. But Odense Fjord is worth a visit every day - see you out there!

Nature of Odense Fjord

The nature of Odense Fjord is stunning - see for yourself!


Vigelsø is at 132 acres the largest island in Odense Fjord. The island was originally much smaller at only 66 acres, but in 1873, they built dikes through a large shallow area to the two islands of Store and Lille Ægholm, and by dewatering the reclaimed area, the island doubled in size. ...


The beautiful area along Odense Fjord is a bird paradise and a nice place for excursions. The damming of the fjord Much of the area along the Odense Fjord was reclaimed during the 1800s. This also applies to the area by Ølundgaard and Lammesø. Dikes were built, pump turbines and pump...


Enebærodde is a beautiful spit between Kattegat and Odense Fjord. Here are delicious sandy beaches where you can relax, good hiking and biking trails and great views!

Guided tours of Vigelsø, Enebærodde and Odense Fjord

See much more of Odense Fjord on a guided tour!

Guided hike on Enebærodde

See Funen's largest moorland on Enebærodde between Kattegat and Odense Fjord and get the good stories about the nature and the people who have lived h...

Vigelsø on your own - a great excursion!

Bring a picnic basket and go on a wonderful excursion to Vigelsø - it's a fantastic nature experience! Sundays from 7 June to 11 October 10.00-13.00.

FAQ on Odense Fjord

We answer your questions about Odense Fjord!

Odense Fjord by the water

Rent a boat, enjoy life at the marina or take part in the Fjord Day!

Boat rental in Klintebjerg

Dinghy with motor and kayaks for rent Do you want to go fishing or just experience the nature in the fjord? On your fishing trip, you aren't ...

Otterup Yacht Harbour

Egensedybet - Otterup yacht harbour  is a small private harbour, situated in the part of Odense Fjord called Egensedybet. In summer, the harbour is...

Klintebjerg Harbour

Klintebjerg harbour is a small private harbour on the North Funen side of Odense Fjord. From here you have a great view of the fjord. Vigelsø, the la...

Fjord Day

Lots of activities along the Odense Fjord will be fun for the whole family! Klintebjerg Harbour offers you lots of fun activities and interesting t...

Once upon a time...

Odense Fjord used to look a lot different and was a lot bigger - experience more of the living history of the fjord.


The building was situated on a former island connected with the main land 1756. It is surrounded by Odense Fjord and low fields. For several generations, the Hofman-Bang family owned the manor until the last descendant died in 1972 and the estate was made a foundation. There is no public a...

Hofmansgave Park

In the beautiful park at the manor house of Hofmansgave you can see rare and beautiful plants, flowers and trees from all over the world. The park ...


Østruplund is a beautiful manor house in North Funen. The building is privately owned, but you can admire the beautiful building from the road. Øst...

Fjordmarkens Formidlingshus: The Damming of Odense Fjord Exhibition House

The exhibition in the house tells of the hard work done by multiple generations to dam in the sea and transform it into farmland.  In the year 1818...

The Wind Pump in Bogø

The old windpump was part of the effort to dam parts of Odense Fjord - and that's why you can walk around on Fjordmarken today!

Biking along Odense Fjord

It's perfect for a bike ride...

Bike route along Odense Fjord

Enjoy a nice bike ride on trails and small roads along the Odense Fjord - and admire an amazing view along the water. The route runs between Odense Harbor and the beach at Hasmark along the Odense Canal and Odense Fjord on small trails. It is a nice and peaceful way to get to Odense wit...

Bike tour: The Hasmark Route

The Hasmark Route is a wonderful bike ride that leads you along the Odense Fjord, Kattegat and beautiful old villages from North Funen's Viking past. You drive past the old Viking village Hjorslev, in the beautiful North Funen nature past the old village Østrup and the old manor house Ø...

Fishing at Odense Fjord

Odense Fjord is an angler's paradise - a great place to bring your fishing rod!

Angling on Enebærodde

You can catch a lot of fish at Enebærodde, and the area is excellent for fly-fishing. From the eastern parking ground at Hasmark Strand, there is a 7-km stretch with waters full of sea trout, eastwards in the direction of the lighthouse at Enebærodde. As you move towards the tip of the spi...

Angling at Egensedybet

The area from Egensedybet to Galten Hoved is excellent for winter fishing. The fish come here to eat because of the large amount of food in the sea bed. You have to be prepared for wade fishing - bring your waders. Parking near Otterup Marina. Peak season: January – March Mid season: Ap...

Angling at Klintebjerg

You can go fishing at the small, nice angling spots on both sides of the small port. The place is under preservation from October 1st to March 1st. This means that after March 1st, there are large amounts of sea trout. It may be a good idea to use spoon lures, as the water is quite deep he...

Map of Odense Fjord

Find Odense Fjord - zoom in or out on the map!