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Photo: Kurt Due

Odense Fjord is always beautiful, and did you know that you can hike or bike along the coast from Odense to Enebærodde? Discover Odense Fjord from Klintebjerg to Enebærodde and enjoy the unique nature.

Odense Fjord is big, beautiful and full of life and activities. Take a bike ride along the trails and enjoy the beautiful view, go for a nice walk on Enebærodde that separates Odense Fjord from Kattegat, eat ice cream at Klintebjerg Harbour, take the kayak out to Vigelsø, the largest island in Odense Fjord, look for birds at the beautiful nature reserve Ølundgård-Lammesø or look at boats at Otterup Marina Harbour Egensedybet.

Odense Fjord was once much larger than it is today. But thanks to land reclamation projects such as at Ølund 200 years ago, which was the largest containment of the time, the fjord has changed. You can read about the enclosures in the small museum Fjordmarkens Formidlingshus.

Every year the fjord is celebrated at Fjord Day Fjordens Dag with lots of activities at Klintebjerg and Egensedybet on the second Sunday in September. But Odense Fjord is worth a visit every day - see you out there!

Nature of Odense Fjord

The nature of Odense Fjord is stunning - see for yourself!

FAQ on Odense Fjord

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Odense Fjord by the water

Rent a boat, enjoy life at the marina or take part in the Fjord Day!

Once upon a time...

Odense Fjord used to look a lot different and was a lot bigger - experience more of the living history of the fjord.

Biking along Odense Fjord

It's perfect for a bike ride...

Fishing at Odense Fjord

Odense Fjord is an angler's paradise - a great place to bring your fishing rod!

Map of Odense Fjord

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Longitude: 10.477996

Latitude: 55.503956

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