Ancient monuments and burial mounds on North Funen

North Funen has been a well-populated area for thousands of years, and you can see it in the countryside, where there are many burial mounds and other exciting monuments of our past. Find the most beautiful monuments and look up how to get there!


Nordfyn's past stands bright before you at the large burial mounds, passage graves and long barrows - and then we must not forget the Glavendrup Grove, which contains both Bronze Age burial mounds and a Viking era stone ship. Northern Funen has been fertile agricultural land for thousands of years, and until the time of the great dams from the 18th century, large parts of North Funen were closer to the sea and the fjord than today.

Therefore, more than 40 burial mounds and other ancient monuments from the past still remain in the North Funen countryside. Many of the old houses and mansions on North Funen have also been built with foundations from the ancient monuments. At that time they were not protected, and so peasants and nobles used the megaliths of the old tombs for their own buildings. When you hike in the forests of North Funen, you can also see old burial mounds. We've made a list of some of the most popular and easily accessible monuments of ancient Denmark.