Påfugl på Harridslevgård
Find out what to see!

Experience North Funen!

Visit a castle, meet a bison, see the market town Bogense, go shopping, enjoy a delicious meal and much, much more ... North Funen is full of good experiences. Time to go!

Fun and a good time!

Europe's largest bison farm or Denmark's friendliest market town - why not visit both?

Visit Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

It's time for an American-style bison holiday on Ditlevsdal Bison Farm!

Visit Harridslevgaard Castle

Visit beautiful renaissance castle Harridslevgaard and get a unique look behind the thick walls!

Visit Bogense

Bogense is Denmark's nicest market town!

Dont't miss!

Find the biggest sights and book the greatest experiences on North Funen!

Book experiences

Go on a nice guided island walk, try stand up paddling or sea kayaking, go for a horseback ride at Bogense or enjoy a nice sailing trip on the Kattegat. North Funen offers you lots of fun things to try!

Don't miss: Attractions and sights on North Funen

What do you just have to see on North Funen? There is plenty to see on North Funen and we are happy to give you suggestions for the exciting sights to experience when visiting Bogense, Otterup, Hasmark and the other places on North Funen!

Great tales of North Funen

Want to feel the breath of history?

Castles and Manor Houses of North Funen

Find all the beautiful castles and manor houses on North Funen!

Museums of North Funen

Visit one of the museums and learn more about potatoes, World War II and our past.

Churches on North Funen

Find the most beautiful churches and discover more!

Ancient monuments and burial mounds on North Funen

Find the greatest and most beautiful monuments of the past on Nordfyn!

North Funen is for kids, too!

Find experiences and activities for children!

North Funen for kids

Photo: Jens Wognsen

Food and drink

Find the best restaurants and farm shops!

A bite of North Funen

From candy floss to fresh fish ... North Funen has it all. Find the best food in farm shops, roadside stalls and gourmet shops or enjoy your dinner at a good restaurant.

Farm shops and gourmet experiences on North Funen

Enjoy the most delicious honey, the best strawberries, potatoes, cherries and apples directly from the fruit grower, and of course the good meat from the cattle. Find food from Nordfyn's farm shops! And find the bakeries and stores where you get the best cheese, fish, and wine.

Let's get arty on North Funen!

Find the artists and galleries on North Funen - see you at home with the local artists!

Meet the local artists and visit the art galleries!

Photo: Ole Thrane

Time to go shopping!

There's always time for a shopping spree...

Shopping on North Funen

Photo: Børge Pedersen