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Hygge i Bogense

Visit a castle, meet a bison, see the market town Bogense, go shopping, enjoy a delicious meal and much, much more ... North Funen is full of good experiences. Time to go!

Great tales of North Funen

Want to feel the breath of history?

North Funen is for kids, too!

Find experiences and activities for children!

North Funen for kids

Let's get arty on North Funen!

Find the artists and galleries on North Funen - see you at home with the local artists!

Meet the local artists and visit the art galleries!

Time to go shopping!

There's always time for a shopping spree...

Shopping i Bogense

Shopping on North Funen

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Vandretur på Flyvesandet
Hikes on North Funen
Ta' hunden med på Nordfyn!
Holidays with the dog on North Funen
Events på Nordfyn med mange mennesker
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