Holiday for children on North Funen

Photo: Jens Wognsen

North Funen has lots of activities and experiences for children, both in sunshine and rainy weather. Enjoy a real family holiday!

Go crabbing!

Catch crabs at the harbour - crabs like to hide by the stones in the water. Or try catching something in pond Barfods Dam in Bogense!

Catch crabs at the harbour!

How to catch crabs:

Buy a fishing net or a rod - or build a crab catcher.

Here's how to build a crab catcher:

You will need a stick, a string/leash and a hollow stone, another stone or a clothes clip. Tie the string to the stick and the stone or clothespin. Smash a snail or a clam or find a sausage from your lunch box. Tie it tightly to the string. Throw the stone with bait into the water - and wait for the bite! Remember to bring a bucket for your catch ...

What's going on during the holidays for children?

Find activities on Nordfyn only for children and families!

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