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Holiday for children on North Funen

Photo: Jens Wognsen

North Funen has lots of activities and experiences for children, both in sunshine and rainy weather. Enjoy a real family holiday!

Fun for kids

On North Funen you don't have to think about what to experience with your children for too long. We have lots of fun activities for the whole family!

Help the pirate find the missing treasure, discover what's hiding under the sea on a fun boat trip, try catching crabs, try fishing in the small pond Barfod's Dam or take the whole family to the kid-friendly beaches where there is plenty of sand to build impressive castles and the beach shallow for children to play in the water.

If you want to stay on land, you can enjoy a nice horse ride from Bogense or a nice horse-drawn carriage ride for the whole family at Enebærodde, and then you can find out how good you are at climbing one of the fun playgrounds.

Go crabbing!

Catch crabs at the harbour - crabs like to hide by the stones in the water. Or try catching something in pond Barfods Dam in Bogense!

Catch crabs at the harbour!

How to catch crabs:

Buy a fishing net or a rod - or build a crab catcher.

Here's how to build a crab catcher:

You will need a stick, a string/leash and a hollow stone, another stone or a clothes clip. Tie the string to the stick and the stone or clothespin. Smash a snail or a clam or find a sausage from your lunch box. Tie it tightly to the string. Throw the stone with bait into the water - and wait for the bite! Remember to bring a bucket for your catch ...

Go horseriding!

You can always go horseriding on North Funen - try a guided horse ride for children and adults every summer. Or bring your horse along and try the horse trails in the Langesø Woods!

Oh no, it's raining...

It's raining - and it just won't quit! What to do? You can always let the children put on their rain clothes and go out jumping in puddles, but we also have other suggestions. Buy a board game and have fun with the whole family, make candles, go to the swimming pool or try a trip to the museum.

Psst - it doesn't have to rain for you to visit the museum...

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