Langesø Woods
North Funen's nature is beautiful all year round!

Great nature

It's time to take your camera, lunch box and water bottle and go for a walk! Nordfyn is perfect for hiking or cycling with beautiful natural areas, forests, nice beaches and scenic landscapes from hills in the west and the plains in the east. Enjoy the nature of North Funen!

The most impressive nature areas of North Funen

See the most spectacular nature areas of North Funen!

Visit Enebærodde

Discover the unique nature of the headland between Kattegat and Odense Fjord

Visit Odense Fjord

Odense Fjord is great all along the coast - especially from Klintebjerg to Enebærodde!

Visit Gyldensteen Strand

Enjoy the great nature and amazing birdlife of Gyldensteen Strand!

Visit Langesø

Visit the Langesø woods to enjoy the beautiful lake under the tall trees!

Visit Flyvesandet

Flyvesandet is unique nature - you'll not find anything like it on Funen!

Visit Æbelø

Visit the deserted island of Æbelø and enjoy a unique experience!

Explore an island!

Æbelø is the most famous island on North Funen - but you can actually explore many other uninhabited islands on North Funen. Remember to check for a good time to go there...

Dræet (Island)

Once upon a time, 40 people lived in their own little community here - now there are only ruins and nature left. Dræet is a tiny island close to Æbelø...

Ejlinge Island

Ejlinge is a tiny island north of Bogense and close to Æbelø - visit the island and see its beautiful coastline and impressive bird life!

Mågeøerne - The Seagull Islets

As the name Seagull Islands suggests, gulls and other birds are the inhabitants of the islands just off Bogense - you can see and hear the bird life f...


The largest island in Odense Fjord is located right next to Klintebjerg and is a beautiful sight, and you are very welcome to visit the island, which ...

Along the coast

There are other coastal areas at North Funen than just the beach. Go for a nice walk along the coast in an area where there arent that many people...

Nærå Strand (Fjord)

Nærå Strand is a shallow fjord, where you can see the marsh as it has looked in many places in Denmark, and spot the many birds in the area.


Ølundgård, Lammesø and Firtalsstranden are beautiful protected nature areas by Odense Fjord, where you can see how the land reclamation have given lif...

Agernæs and Flyvesandet

Agernæs and Flyvesandet are perfect for a hike. See the nature of Funen that you don't get to experience anywhere else, enjoy the magnificent view fro...

Vestre Enge, the Green Heart of Bogense

Vestre Enge is a beautiful nature area where you can see meadows as they looked 100 years ago - a great place to spot birds and other animals!

A walk in the woods

Green may or may not be a creative colour, but it's certainly good for your brain - enjoy a trip in the green areas of woods and moor on North Funen!

Dalene Woods at Roerslev

In the deep, quiet tranquility of the forest by Dalene you will find many traces of North Funen's past, and here it's also nice to walk under the tall...

Fredskoven in Bogense

A protected forest is a forest where many of the trees are preserved - and here in Fredskoven by Bogense you'll see many old trees and a nice forest p...

The Burnt Oak

The Burnt Oak is a very old tree with an unbelievable story.  Through time, the tree has survived many things e.g. lightning and one of the worst stor...

Hasmarkmosen (the Hasmark bog)

The bog is wild and overgrown, beautiful and fascinating - and if you walk quietly, you can spot many animals and birds!