Bike holiday on North Funen

Photo: Jens Wognsen

North Funen is the perfect place for your bike tour. Here are many different bike routes and good bike paths, where you can enjoy the scenery. Hop on your bike and enjoy a wonderful holiday!

Cloverpaths on North Funen

Clover Paths are routes of different lenght that start in Bogense, Otterup, Skåstrup and Søndersø. The routes are marked by small clover signs. Enjoy the ride!

The Clover Leaf Routes at Bogense

The clover leaf routes in and around Bogense are a great way to exercise and experience the beautiful nature and the lovely market town. You can wa...

The Clover Leaf Routes in Otterup

The Clover Leaf Routes in Otterup: Enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise in the lovely nature in Otterup. You can walk, run or bike on all t...

The Clover Leaf Routes in Skåstrup

The Clover Leaf Routes in Skåstrup are a great way to enjoy nature. The routes take you through small lovely villages and beautiful nature. All routes...

The Clover Leaf Routes in Søndersø

Experience the town of Søndersø and the surrounding nature. Søndersø has four Clover Leaf Routes, and they’re all a great way to get some exercise and...

Bike routes on North Funen - find suggestions for 10 cycling routes!

Photo: Jens Wognsen

Biking in the most beautiful nature areas

There's a nice bike path all around the Enebærodde spit, and at Gyldensteen Strand you can bike along the paths in the area.

Guided bike tour along Flyvesandet, Egebjerggård and Kjørup

Join the unique bike ride on the very tip of Funen!

Guided Bike Tour to Gyldensteen Strand

Join the 27 km-bike tour from Bogense to Gyldensteen Strand and the Renaissance castle Harridslevgaard with lots of good stories and great views!

Visit Gyldensteen Strand

Enjoy the great nature and amazing birdlife of Gyldensteen Strand!

Visit Enebærodde

Discover the unique nature of the headland between Kattegat and Odense Fjord

Visit Flyvesandet

Flyvesandet is unique nature - you'll not find anything like it on Funen!

MTB on North Funen

It's time to get fast and dirty on your mountainbike in some great scenery!

Langesø MTB Track

The MTB track in the Langesø forest is both beautiful and challenging, and you can drive along exciting roads, which are otherwise not available to cyclists. The track is only available to those who have a license or a day pass. The track is about 26 km in total and consists of two diff...

MTB School in the Langesø Woods

Learn to ride safely in your saddle and get better at mountain biking. The Langesø Woods can offer you good and challenging MTB routes. Now you can get much better at driving there. At the MTB school in the woods, you will get both technical training and fitness training, learn the c...

Rent a bike

Rent your bike on North Funen!

Bike Rental at Bogense Strand Camping

The North Funen area is perfect for a bike ride.  During the summer, you can rent bikes at Bogense Strand Camping.

Bike Rental at Hasmark Strand Camping

Hasmark, Enebærodde, Otterup and the coastline along Odense Fjord are great places to go for a bike ride. If you haven't brought your own bike, you can rent one at Hasmark Strand Camping. Please contact the reception to learn more. Please note that bike rental is only possible when the ...

Bike Island Fyn

Follow the Bike Island-route or find all the other good cycling routes on Funen. And find out where you can find bike patches and borrow a bike pump!

Find cycling routes on North Funen on the map!

Photo: Andreas Bastiansen

Find Bike Friends where you can borrow a bike pump, buy water, use the toilet and more... Bike Friends to the rescue!

Photo: Bike Island