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Stories about the old town in the former railway town Otterup

Hear the good stories about the old railway town and experience Otterup in a whole new way! Saturdays from 8 to 29 July.

Experience the former station town of Otterup and hear the exciting historical stories about the Rifle Factory and the railway station. Hear about Denmark's nicest little museum with special stories and exhibitions from the area and see the local archive's exhibition. You can listen to the guides for free, and you choose for yourself whether you only want to participate in one place or all places.  Ask the guides for some stories in English, as well.
The historical town stories in Otterup are arranged in collaboration with Otterup Local Archives and Otterup Museum.
Each story lasts 15-20 min.

Dates: Saturdays from 8 to 29 July

10.00 at the museum and the church

Hear the story of Otterup Church and the Sehestedt family's tombstone with their beautiful coffins. You also get the story of Otterup Museum's original function from 1722 as a hospital for the poor, and finally a visit to the museum where you can see and hear about the exhibitions.

11.00 at at Bredgade 13 and the entrance to the town square

Here you can hear about the development of the town and what life was like in the surrounding buildings.

12.00 at Geværfabrikken on Fabriksvej 5

This time the story takes place in the concert hall. Stories and pictures about the world-famous Otterup Rifle Factory, the ammunition factory, the railway and surrounding businesses. The small museum on the 1st floor about the rifle factory will be open.

The exhibition at the library on Søndergade 2

Here there are exhibitions about the subdivision of the area into smallholdings and beach hunting. The exhibition is open from 10-13 on the 4 Saturdays.

Price: Free - entrance to the museum is also free. No registration.

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