Visit Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

Photo: Jens Wognsen

At Ditlevsdal Bison Farm you can join the bison safari, stay in the prairie houses, eat delicious food at the restaurant, spend the night in shelters close to the big bison and much, much more... go on a bison holiday!

Did you know that Europe's largest bison farm is located right here in Denmark?

Visit Ditlevsdal Bison farm on North Funen and get close to the big bison. More than 400 bison live a wonderful life on the northern Funen prairie. And you can have a fun holiday right next to them! Enjoy a family holiday in the cozy prairie houses, embark on an exciting safari among the impressive animals, spend the night in shelters overlooking the bison prairie, enjoy the delicious low-fat bison meat at a lovely meal at Ditlevsdal's restaurant or buy delicious bison delicacies from home from the farm shop. You can also try the obstacle course with fun challenges.

Every summer there are plenty of activities for the whole family on the bison farm, so bring the kids along and join in on a fun bison tour - if you dare...

Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

Ditlevsdal Bison Farm is Europe's largest bison farm! Here you can buy delicious bison meat in the farm shop, you can go on a bison safari, take part in all the activities in the summer, spend the night in prairie houses or shelters next to the bison or enjoy a delicious meal in the restau...

Bison Safari at Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

Join a guided bison safari in the covered prairie wagon and get to know the big bison on the trip on their fields while you hear exciting stories about them!

Ditlevsdal Bison Farm on film!

Photo: Jens Wognsen

Restaurant Ditlevsdal

The Restaurant Ditlevsdal offers great food, and delicious bison meat is the main item on the menu. Bison meat is low fat, and the menu offers healthy and tasty dishes with a bit of an American, Native American as well as a Danish touch. The restaurant overlooks the fields, the lake and...

The farm shop at Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

The farm shop at Ditlevsdal Bison Farm  sells low-fat and delicious meat in various cuts, as well as delicate bison specialties. The farm shop at Ditlevsdal Bison Farm sells the low fat and delicious bison meat in various cuts, as well as delicious bison specialties. Go for a visit a...

Stay the night at Ditlevsdal!

Sleep next to the bison!

Prairie Houses at Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

Enjoy a stay in the beautiful scenery close to the big bison! There's room for 8 overnight guests in each prairie house, divided into 4 rooms with 2 single beds in each that can be joined together. One of the rooms is a loft. In each prairie house there is a toilet, a bathroom and a sma...

Shelters at Ditlevsdal Bisonfarm

Stay in a shelter just a few meters from the bison on Europe's largest bison farm. Here you will find four shelters that are placed so that they all lie in isolation and right next to the bison prairie. Each shelter can seat 5 people and has its own cozy bonfire place. Inside the shelte...

Map of Ditlevsdal!

Find your way to the bison!