Visit Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

Photo: Jens Wognsen

At Ditlevsdal Bison Farm you can join the bison safari, stay in the prairie houses, eat delicious food at the restaurant, spend the night in shelters close to the big bison and much, much more... go on a bison holiday!

Did you know that Europe's largest bison farm is located right here in Denmark?

Visit Ditlevsdal Bison farm on North Funen and get close to the big bison. More than 400 bison live a wonderful life on the northern Funen prairie. And you can have a fun holiday right next to them! Enjoy a family holiday in the cozy prairie houses, embark on an exciting safari among the impressive animals, spend the night in shelters overlooking the bison prairie, enjoy the delicious low-fat bison meat at a lovely meal at Ditlevsdal's restaurant or buy delicious bison delicacies from home from the farm shop.

Stay the night at Ditlevsdal!

Sleep next to the bison!

Map of Ditlevsdal!

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Longitude: 10.195227

Latitude: 55.456039

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