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Photo: Ole Thrane

Hasmark is located on the coast of North Funen and offers a lovely Blue Flag beach, a large beach oasis with a playground, campfire, showers and more, heath and moor areas and many exciting stories.


The small town of Hasmark has given its name to the entire area on the coast of North Funen, which borders Enebærodde.

Once there was farming, fishing and peat digging in the marsh. In 1916, Miss Johanne Karoline Nielsen opened the seaside hotel Hotel Kattegat, and the area became both fashionable and popular with people from Odense. Holiday homes were also added, and it became the popular holiday area with campsite and holiday homes that it is today. But at the same time, it's still a beautiful nature area with a long beach, moor and heath areas and idyllic fields. Come experience it yourself!

Hasmark Beach and Beach Oasis

Hasmark Beach

Hasmark Beach is one of the best beaches on Funen with a child-friendly shallow sandy beach, beautiful views and a playground, benches and tables and ...

Hasmark Strandoase

In Hasmark's beach oasis, there's room for everyone - here you can spend the night, grill some meat, play in the big climbing course, play ball, have ...

Shelter at beach Hasmark Strand

Nice shelter by the water In the cozy Strandoase (the Beach Oasis) right next to the beach Hasmark Strand you will find a nice shelter. There ar...

Tørresø beach

Peaceful and child-friendly - Tørresø Strand is a beautiful beach with a great view!


Hasmark was once a large farm, which together with the farm Knyle was placed under the large estate Hofmansgave, which also owns Enebærodde. Many of the roads are named after the estate owner family - and the shortest road Tygesvej is, of course, named after a dwarf in the family ...

Hasmark Church

The church in Hasmark was built in 1892. It was the owner of the Hofmansgave estate, Niels Erik Hofman Bang, who got the idea to build the church, and he was able to get the support of the church and the villagers. The baptismal font, dated back to around 1100, originally comes from an o...


The building was situated on a former island connected with the main land 1756. It is surrounded by Odense Fjord and low fields. For several generations, the Hofman-Bang family owned the manor until the last descendant died in 1972 and the estate was made a foundation. There is no public a...

It can also be a curse to be close to the water! Hasmark has been plagued by large floods, for instance in 1921, 1945, 1954 and 2006. That's why the characteristic dikes are so important. It also made people leave the area, leaving Hasmark to holidaygoers.

Out and about on Hasmark!

Hasmarkmosen (the Hasmark bog)

The bog is wild and overgrown, beautiful and fascinating - and if you walk quietly, you can spot many animals and birds!

Guided Walk in the old Orchard Fjordvang Frugtplantage

Join the fruit grower on a nice tour of the old fruit orchard! Tuesdays at 7 PM from 30 June to 4 August.

Guided hike on Enebærodde

See Funen's largest moorland on Enebærodde between Kattegat and Odense Fjord and get the good stories about the nature and the people who have lived h...

Fun and hygge at Hasmark

Hasmark Grill & Minigolf

Try a game of mini golf on one of Denmark's longest mini golf courses - and enjoy an ice cream cone or a burger afterwards!

Fun at the Beach - Blue Flag Activities

Do crabs have teeth? Do they have boyfriends or girlfriends, and how do they eat? Learn to catch crabs and learn much more about them. We will also ha...

Hasmark Badeland

Have fun in the large indoor and outdoor water park with different slides - and enjoy life in the wellness area with spa and sauna!

Restaurant Freja

Restaurant Freja is part of the large viking complex at Hasmark Strand Camping. The cozy restaurant has both indoor and outdoor service, offering a f...

Biking at Hasmark

Bike tour: The Hasmark Route

The Hasmark Route is a wonderful bike ride that leads you along the Odense Fjord, Kattegat and beautiful old villages from North Funen's Viking past. ...

Bike route along Odense Fjord

Enjoy a nice bike ride on trails and small roads along the Odense Fjord - and admire an amazing view along the water. The route runs between Odense...

Bike Rental at First Camp Hasmark Strand

Rent your bike at First Camp Hasmark Strand and experience the coast at Kattegat and Odense Fjord by bike or go to to Otterup - a perfect place for th...

You can also just go on a short bike ride on the bike path along Strandvejen between Otterup and Hasmark - a nice ride of only 6 km!

Find toilets at Hasmark

Public toilet at Hasmark Beach

Public toilet at Hasmark Beach. Handicap toilet.

Public toilet at Strandvejen, Hasmark Beach

Public toilet at Hasmark Beach. There is no handicap toilet.

Public toilet at Hasmark/Hofmansgave Beach

Public toilet between Hasmark and Hofmansgave Beach. There is a handicap toilet.

Public toilet at Hofmansgave Beach

Public toilet at Hofmansgave Beach, right before Enebærodde. There is no handicap toilet.

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