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Hasmark is located on the coast of North Funen and offers a lovely Blue Flag beach, a large beach oasis with a playground, campfire, showers and more, heath and moor areas and many exciting stories.


The small town of Hasmark has given its name to the entire area on the coast of North Funen, which borders Enebærodde.

Once there was farming, fishing and peat digging in the marsh. In 1916, Miss Johanne Karoline Nielsen opened the seaside hotel Hotel Kattegat, and the area became both fashionable and popular with people from Odense. Holiday homes were also added, and it became the popular holiday area with campsite and holiday homes that it is today. But at the same time, it's still a beautiful nature area with a long beach, moor and heath areas and idyllic fields. Come experience it yourself!

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Hasmark was once a large farm, which together with the farm Knyle was placed under the large estate Hofmansgave, which also owns Enebærodde. Many of the roads are named after the estate owner family - and the shortest road Tygesvej is, of course, named after a dwarf in the family ...

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Longitude: 10.456146

Latitude: 55.564997

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