Nordfyns historie - soldaterforsamling
Good stories and an exciting past

North Funen history

The past is still bright on North Funen, because you see it everywhere. The old houses in Bogense, the beautiful mansions around the countryside, the old mills, the burial mounds in the fields - these are all part of North Funen's history. Explore the past today!

Museums and burial mounds

Get close to history and see how our ancestors lived!

Museums of North Funen

World War II, life in the 19th century, dams, potatoes, carriages, the noble Hofman-Bang sisters' paintings and much more: North Funen museums have so much to offer. Learn more about Danish history and visit one of the nice museums!

Ancient monuments and burial mounds on North Funen

North Funen has been a well-populated area for thousands of years, and you can see it in the countryside, where there are many burial mounds and other exciting monuments of our past. Find the most beautiful monuments and look up how to get there!

Go for a city walk in Bogense's history!

Photo: Nordfyns Museum

Castles, manor houses and churches on North Funen!

Find the most beautiful churches and manor houses!

Castles and Manor Houses of North Funen

Go on a tour of the pretty castles and manor houses in the countryside from Odense Fjord to the Langesø Woods

Churches on North Funen

Discover the beautiful churches of North Funen and find out more about each church or find your religious space!

See the Glavendrup stone - with Denmark's longest runic inscription!

Photo: Jens Wognsen

Searching for your Danish ancestors? Or do you want to learn more about North Funen?

Photo: Nordfyns Museum

Local archives on North Funen

Bogense Archive, Vestergade 16, 5400 Bogense, + 45 6481 1884,, web

Otterup Archive Søndergade 2, 5450 Otterup, + 45 6482 8686,, web

Søndersø and surroundings Archive, Odensevej 8, 5471 Søndersø, +45 2127 0913,, web