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Bard Festival at the Iron Age Village

A two-day music and storytelling festival focusing on the music, songs, jesters, and exciting tales of the ancient and medieval times.

Instrument makers, musicians, and storytellers bring ancient traditions to life with quirky tones, gentle melodies, hoarse, powerful singing voices, and not least, tales handed down from our ancestors. From chamois horns and bone flutes to the myth of why mead makes us good singers and storytellers – the Skjald Festival is for everyone who wants to experience the entertainment of ancient and medieval times up close.

Historical Setting for a Tailored Festival Experience

The reconstructed houses and scenic surroundings of the Iron Age village provide the setting, allowing visitors to create their own tailored festival experience. Over two days, guests can choose from a variety of art forms and styles, performed both on small intimate stages in the Iron Age houses, on the tent stage, and under the open sky.

Among this year's musical artists are Asynje Duo & Virelai Duo, Ginnungagap, just back from a tour in Norway, and the international headliner Falsobordone, featuring Riksspelmän Erik Ask-Upmark and Anna Rynefors from Sweden.

A brand-new addition is Visestuen. On Saturday, the songbird Emelie Blomgren will teach guests a selection of ancient songs, and everyone can join in. All it takes is the desire to sing.

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