Forår på Nordfyn er skønt

Spring and Easter on North Funen

Photo: Colorbox

Enjoy spring on North Funen with walks in the beautiful countryside, fun on the playground and a packed lunch in the woods. Relax and enjoy life. Enjoy the first camping holiday of the year or book a holiday home by the water - 'tis spring !!

Blooming nature

The forest is bright green, the flowers are blooming and the weather is great - being outside is wonderful!

Visit Langesø

The forests at Langesø are beautiful all year round. Enjoy a lovely walk around the lake or go on a sweaty MTB ride on the demanding MTB routes in the woods. You can also enjoy a nice horse ride or rent a boat and fish in the lake. Langesø offers all kinds of activities!

Visit Gyldensteen Strand

Enjoy the great nature and amazing birdlife of Gyldensteen Strand!

Visit Flyvesandet

Flyvesandet is unique nature - you'll not find anything like it on Funen!

Visit Enebærodde

Discover the unique nature of the headland between Kattegat and Odense Fjord

Visit Odense Fjord

Odense Fjord is great all along the coast - especially from Klintebjerg to Enebærodde!

See North Funen on your own

Go sightseeing and explore North Funen on your own!

Ancient monuments and burial mounds on North Funen

Find the greatest and most beautiful monuments of the past on Nordfyn!

Sculptures and monuments on North Funen

Find the fun and interesting sculptures on North Funen!

Castles and Manor Houses of North Funen

Find all the beautiful castles and manor houses on North Funen!

Time to get going!

Find nice bike paths and hiking trails - or why not a walk along the beach? North Funen is a great place to get some fresh air and enjoy nature.

The Clover Leaf Routes in Otterup

The Clover Leaf Routes in Otterup: Enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise in the lovely nature in Otterup. You can walk, run or bike on all t...

The Clover Leaf Routes at Bogense

The clover leaf routes in and around Bogense are a great way to exercise and experience the beautiful nature and the lovely market town. You can wa...

The Clover Leaf Routes in Skåstrup

The Clover Leaf Routes in Skåstrup are a great way to enjoy nature. The routes take you through small lovely villages and beautiful nature. All routes...

The Clover Leaf Routes in Søndersø

Experience the town of Søndersø and the surrounding nature. Søndersø has four Clover Leaf Routes, and they’re all a great way to get some exercise and...

Bike routes on North Funen

Find the best bike routes!

The best beaches on North Funen

Find the best beaches on North Funen and have a great time in the water?

Hikes on North Funen

Paths and hikes on North Funen!

A great dinner

Enjoy the perfect meal from a café or restaurant or buy delicious local produce from the farm shop!


A bite of North Funen

From candy floss to fresh fish ... North Funen has it all. Find the best food in farm shops, roadside stalls and gourmet shops or enjoy your dinner at a good restaurant.

Farm shops and gourmet experiences on North Funen

Enjoy the most delicious honey, the best strawberries, potatoes, cherries and apples directly from the fruit grower, and of course the good meat from the cattle. Find food from Nordfyn's farm shops! And find the bakeries and stores where you get the best cheese, fish, and wine.