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Restaurants and cafés in Morud and Søndersø

Photo: Jens Wognsen

If you want to find a good place to eat in Morud and Søndersø, here we have narrowed down the best restaurants and cafes in the area!

Would you like to go to a cozy café after a hike in the Langesø Forest? Do you want a delicious meal in peace and quiet? Or would you like to try delicate bison meat? We have found the best restaurants and cafes in Morud and Søndersø for you!

Where to eat in Morud and Søndersø

Café Victoria Douglashuset, Morud
Photo: Douglashuset

Café Victoria Douglashuset, Morud

The house is shaped as an octagon and built from the large Douglas firs growing in the forest.
From the terrace you can enjoy the beautiful view to the Langesø Golf course.
The restaurant offers light...


Mørkenborg Kro & Motel Restaurant

At Mørkenborg Kro, you can enjoy open sandwiches for lunch, the dish of the day and many other dishes and good desserts - and then it even happens in beautiful surroundings in the old inn by Stillebæk...

Restaurant Ditlevsdal
Photo: Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

Restaurant Ditlevsdal

At restaurant Ditlevsdal you can enjoy a delicious meal made from scratch from good ingredients - of course with bison meat as the main ingredient!


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