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Shopping on North Funen

Photo: Colourbox

Looking for a good flea market? Would you like to buy souvenirs, new shoes or locally grown vegetables? Find the shop you're looking for and check out the opening hours.

The shopping spree has begun! Here are all kinds of shops, from exciting specialty item-shops to big grocery stores, where you can find everything you need. And not just in the towns - there are also lovely farm shops where you can find many fun items. You will find all the best shops on Nordfyn on this page.

Opening hours on Nordfyn are generally:


Monday-Thursday 10-17.30

Friday 10-18

Saturday 10-14


Monday-Friday 10-17.30

Saturday 10-13


Monday-Friday 10-17.30

Saturday 10-13

The supermarkets have other opening hours - and some of the shops have special opening hours, It's always a good idea to check the opening hours for each shop!

Looking for unique art?

You can also buy art on North Funen - from ceramics to paper art in galleries and from the artists themselves.

Art shopping!

Photo: Else Friis og Jørn Anderson

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