Besøg Besættelsesmuseum Fyn

Museums of North Funen

World War II, life in the 19th century, dams, potatoes, carriages, the noble Hofman-Bang sisters' paintings and much more: North Funen museums have so much to offer. Learn more about Danish history and visit one of the nice museums!


Get close to history! Experience the daily life at your grandmother's time at the Otterup Museum, dive into the frightening time during World War II at the Occupation Museum of Funen, explore the history of the potato in the small potato museum and see more about the history of North Funen at Nordfyns Museum. You can also see the beautiful horse vehicles at the Kærsgaard Transport Museum and learn much more about the popular Danish author Morten Korch at the Morten Korch Museum in Brenderup. In the Fjordmarkens Formidlingshus you will find the history of the dams and enclosures at Odense Fjord, and at the art museum Skitsemuseet on Hofmansgave you can see the artworks of the last residents on Hofmansgave.

There are plenty of exciting experiences in the North Funen museums.