North Funen

Welcome to North Funen!

North Funen is top of Funen – in every way. Here you’ll find an amazing nature, great sandy beaches, lovely towns and lots of fun adventures. North Funen offers a 154 km coastline where you can catch sea trout at some of the best fishing spots in Denmark. You can also celebrate Christmas with the locals; explore the deserted island Æbelø; go for a bike ride at Enebærodde between Kattegat and Odense Fjord; visit a castle - and much, much more. North Funen is waiting for you!

Christmas Market in Castle Harridslevgård

Visit the beautifully decorated castle and buy gifts and baubles

christmas bazaar kunstgården

Christmas Bazaar in Kunstgården

Visit Denmark's largest Christmas Bazaar!

Christmas activities in North Funen

Christmas Activities on North Funen

Fairs, Santa Claus, elves and lots of fun

events on North Funen

Events Calendar

What's going on? Find all the events on North Funen here!

A kid's guide to North Funen

North Funen for Kids

A kid's guide to North Funen!

Visit the beautiful castle Harridslevgaard close to Bogense

Harridslevgaard Castle

The renaissance castle opens its doors to you!

Ditlevsdal Bison Farm on North Funen

Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

Go on a bison safari in North Funen!

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Summer in North Funen - on film!

North Funen in summer is always pretty - watch the video and see for yourself!

book experiences bogense otterup søndersø morud enebærodde nordfyn gyldensteen strand north funen nordfyn

Book exciting experiences here!

Go sailing, on a guided tour - or perhaps you want to go for a ride in the lovely North Funen nature? Book lots of exciting activities here!

Parks and open gardens on North Funen

Parks on North Funen

Beautiful flowers, exotic plants and trees, enchanting fragrances - always something to admire! 

World Championships in Bogense

Cyclo-cross World Championships in Bogense

Don't miss the year's coolest live cycling event in Denmark - be there February 2019!

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Æbelø from the air

See the deserted island from the air and get inspiration for your own visit to the island

Find the best fishing spots on North Funen

The Best Angling Spots

You'll Find Many Different Angling Spots Here!

Girls splashing about

Find Your Favourite Beach

Enjoy the sand, the waves, and the great view!

Artists and galleries on North Funen

Art, Artists and Galleries

Meet the local artists and see a whole new side of North Funen!

Castles and Manor Houses on North Funen

Castles and Manor Houses

Admire the Architecture and Let History Inspire You