Bike tour: The Hasmark Route

The Hasmark Route is a wonderful bike ride that leads you along the Odense Fjord, Kattegat and beautiful old villages from North Funen's Viking past.

You drive past the old Viking village Hjorslev, in the beautiful North Funen nature past the old village Østrup and the old manor house Østruplund, through Klintebjerg, whose harbor was once big and busy, past the old villages Gerskov and Hessum, to Egensedybet and the small harbour Otterup Lystbådehavn, along Odense Fjord past the old manor house Hofmansgave, all the way to the natur preserve Enebærodde and along the beach Hasmark Strand and Kattegat, past the old villages of Hasmark and Egense and into Otterup along the old paths.

The route is 25 km and very flat.