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Angling on Enebærodde

Enebærodde is a fantastic fishing spot most of the year. Here are very varied fishing opportunities depending on where you are on the headland, so try fly fishing, night fishing or wade fishing - it's a fisherman's paradise!

You can catch a lot of fish at Enebærodde, and the area is excellent for fly-fishing. From the eastern parking ground at Hasmark Strand, there is a 7-km stretch with waters full of sea trout, eastwards in the direction of the lighthouse at Enebærodde. As you move towards the tip of the spit, the water deepens. Here, it is possible to catch sea trout, grey mullets, garfish and flatfish.

At the tip of Enebærodde, near the light house, there are great opportunities for catching fish such as sea trout, flatfish and cod. It is a great place to go night fishing during the summer, where you will find fish concentrating in the deep water at Gabet. Here, at Odense Fjord, you may also catch mackerel. 

Peak season: March - November
Mid season: January - February and December

The inner bank of Enebærodde faces Odense Fjord. Nice winter fishing. Wade fishing far out on the banks. Great opportunities for catching sea trout, flatfish, and perhaps mackerel. 

Peak season: January - March and November - December
Mid season: April and October

The entire point is a conservation area with delightful scenery, well worth visiting at any time of year.

Parking at the large parking lot near the water just off Enebærodde.

Access to Enebærodde is allowed only on foot or by bike.

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