Langesø MTB Track

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Langesøvej 146

5462 Morud




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The MTB track in the Langesø forest is both beautiful and challenging, and you can drive along exciting roads, which are otherwise not available to cyclists. The track is only available to those who have a license or a day pass.

The track is about 26 km in total and consists of two different tracks:

South track of approx. 11 km, which is very varied

North trail of approx. 15 km, also called the black track. This track contains more technical challenges.

There are Chicken Runs in connection to some of the technical challenges.

The track is marked with poles with directions.

Remember to buy a day pass or license

The MTB track can only be used for if you have a day pass or license.

You can buy day passes for the MTB track via self-service in Douglashuset. Remember to bring cash. A day pass costs DKK 100, - per rider.

You can buy a license for the whole year from the estate office at Langesø or via



Langesøvej 146

5462 Morud


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