Into the woods on North Funen!

Photo: Casper Hansen

It's time for a trip into the woods, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet in the shade of the tall trees, listen to the birds singing, see how tall the anthills can get and just simply be in the beautiful nature.

North Funen is not a particularly forested area - the fertile soil has always been used for agriculture. But there are actually about 170 small forest areas on North Funen, and they are very different. You can explore the coniferous forest by Dalene Forest, see the beautiful old trees by Fredsskoven in Bogense and the tall pillar beeches by Flyvesandet and giant spruces, beech and oak in the vast Langesø woods.

Who owns the woods on North Funen!

Most of the forest on North Funen is privately owned. The forest at Flyvesandet and Dalene Woods at Roerslev belong to the Egebjerggård Estate. Fredsskoven by Bogense and Gyldensteenskoven by Kohave and Burskovvej are owned by the Gyldensteen Estate. The Langesø woods belongs to the Langesø Estate. The large estates have traditionally used the forest for timber and hunting, and the forests are also well looked after today.


FAQ on the woods on North Funen

For how long can I stay in the woods? What can I bring from the woods? Can I bring a packed lunch?

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