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Søndersø Woods

Peace and quiet in the green forest and good paths for your hike - Søndersø Wood is a beautiful place!

The Søndersø woods is located between Søndersø and Næsbyhoved-Broby, and it's a beautiful wood to walk in. There are groups of beech trees as well as conifers, clearings and dense vegetation. It gives a nice varied experience, and you also get to see how the wood is cared for.

You can also look for different plants that grow here: the zigzag clover with beautiful burgundy flowers, the white spiked rampion, sweet woodruff, the marsh's hawk's-beard with yellow flowers and in the spring lots of white anemones.

There are small bogs and lakes in and around the wood, which is not so far from the Margård estate and the forest there. The area is a river valley that was characterized by the two forests with bogs and meadows in between. Today, the road between Odense and Bogense is laid out between the forests, and you can see the beautiful forest areas on both sides of the road. In the small bog and lake areas you can see and perhaps especially hear the brown frog.

When you go for a walk in the Søndersø wood, it's a good idea to be quiet - because you'll get to see lots of birds and enjoy the beautiful birdsong. In the wood you can see, among other things, the great spotted woodpecker, the song thrush, redstart and wren - and the buzzard also hunts here.


You get here from the road from Odense towards Søndersø and up the very short side road Søndersø Skovvej. Here you can park the car all the way to the side of the rebate close to the places where there is a path into the forest. Remember to take other road users and pedestrians into account when parking the car.

Rules of conduct in the woods

Søndersø Wood is a beautiful and peaceful idyll and must remain so. That is why it's important to follow the rules. You must also follow the rules on the signs in the forest.

Note that there may be hunting in the woods - in which case, of course, do not go for a walk here. 

You must only walk in the woods between 06:00 and sunset. You can walk on the forest paths, but it's important to stay on the paths. Remember that you must not take more from the woods than can fit in a small hat, and you must not leave the path to take anything.

All motoring in the woods is prohibited.

Dogs must be kept on a leash - otherwise it can lead to fines.

You must not sit down and take a break less than 150 meters from buildings. Be aware that there are a number of houses around Søndersø Wood, and it is important to respect all the residents. Søndersø Wood is privately owned. 

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