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Bogense Harbour is the large new Bogense Marina and the former industrial harbour Bogense Old Harbour. Here are good places to eat, nice shops, old fisherman's huts and lots to see!

Enjoy a delicious meal at one of the restaurants or an ice cream at the pier and enjoy the stunning views. Go for a nice walk on the old harbour. Or hop into the waves from Bogense Sea Bath or relax on the sandy beach at Bogense Marina. There are tables and benches all over the harbour, so bring your packed lunch for a picnic. In the marina, you'll see large, modern yachts, and in the old harbour there are restaurants and shops where the fishing factories used to be. You'll also still find fishermen smoking their fish at the red fishing huts, or listen to jazz at the harbour and music in Knud Skæg's music house every summer. See you!

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A good tip for your trip!

A good tip: Go for a walk along the coast! The Clover Paths in Bogense begin at the square in front of the inner part of Bogense Old Harbour. You can also go up the coastal path next to the cafe & Bistro at Østre Havnevej 2 - you get to see the nice view of Jutland and Æbelø and walk down the stairs to the beach and back to the harbour.


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Where can we pay harbour dues, where can we empty our camper, and where are the toilets?

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Longitude: 10.07975

Latitude: 55.566216

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