Visit Bogense Harbour and Marina

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Bogense Harbour is the large new Bogense Marina and the former industrial harbour Bogense Old Harbour. Here are good places to eat, nice shops, old fisherman's huts and lots to see!

Enjoy a delicious meal at one of the restaurants or an ice cream at the pier and enjoy the stunning views. Go for a nice walk on the old harbour. Or hop into the waves from Bogense Sea Bath or relax on the sandy beach at Bogense Marina. There are tables and benches all over the harbour, so bring your packed lunch for a picnic. In the marina, you'll see large, modern yachts, and in the old harbour there are restaurants and shops where the fishing factories used to be. You'll also still find fishermen smoking their fish at the red fishing huts, or listen to jazz at the harbour and music in Knud Skæg's music house every summer. See you!

Bogense Old Harbour and Marina

The mermaid statue Elle, a long harbour promenade and Funen's largest marina.. explore what to see and do on Bogense Harbour and Marina!

Bogense Marina

Bogense Marina is an impressive sight with all the big yachts - there is room for 700 yachts in the modern marina!

Bogense Old Harbour

The Old Harbour in Bogense was built way back in 1828 and was once a very active industrial and ferry port, but today it is pure cosiness, large boats...

Elle in Bogense

At the far end the Western Pier at Bogense Marina, the mermaid Elle welcomes everyone to Bogense, the town of mermaids - do you dare to go out and gre...

“The Diver” by Bogense Seaside Spa

At Bogense Sea bath, a beautiful blue figure is on the jump - where is it going?

The Aero Windmill

What is the tall building on the harbour? It's not a tower, it's not an old chimney, it's ... a former windmill!

Playground at Bogense Marina

Nice playground by the marina. There are slides, swings, a playhouse, climbing nets and much more. The children can also play in the sand. Close to th...

Fitness playground at Bogense Marina

Playground for adults as well as children  Get a good workout at the outdoor fitness center overlooking the marina. Here are 12 different fitnes...

Nature Playground at Bogense Marina

Fun in Nature The nature playground in Bogense offers fun challenges and nice playground equipment - in the midst of beautiful scenery. Take the...

Jump into the sea!

You can step directly into the water at the Bogense Sea bath, sunbathe on the nice beach at Bogense Marina or try the ocean swimming lane!

Bogense Sea Bath - public bathing in Bogense

Dive into the water and enjoy the sauna afterwards, swim for a lap in the ocean swimming lane or swim to the raft. The sea bath in Bogense is nice in ...

Bogense Marina Beach

Nice sandy beach close to Bogense town and marina - for kite surfing, sunbathing and kids playing in the shallow water!

Ocean swimming lane

At Bogense you can try the sport of swimming with real waves, salt water and fresh air - there is a sea swimming lane at Bogense Harbour!

Active on the water

Go on a boat tour from Bogense Harbour, try stand up-paddling at the marina or catch crabs at the stones and the jetties!

Fang krabber ved Bogense Havn!

Tag et stykke pølse eller en blåmusling og slå hul, tag en stang med snor og sæt madding fast på en klemme på snoren. Eller læg madding i et fiskenet. Så er du klar til at fange krabber. Husk en spand med vand til krabberne - og giv dem maddingen inden du slipper dem fri...

Pirate trip on board MS Castor

Arrr, are all landlubbers ready? Join us in the search for the lost pirate treasure on 16 October! But first you'll have to capture the ship!

Sunset Boat Trip towards Æbelø

Take the family out to see the sunset at Æbelø aboard the MS Castor while you enjoy a light meal. Along the way you'll get to hear the good stories ab...

An evening at sea

Enjoy an evening at sea with the old wooden ship MS Castor sailing towards Æbelø. Remember to bring your picnic basket so you can enjoy some food on t...

A good tip for your trip!

A good tip: Go for a walk along the coast! The Clover Paths in Bogense begin at the square in front of the inner part of Bogense Old Harbour. You can also go up the coastal path next to the cafe & Bistro at Østre Havnevej 2 - you get to see the nice view of Jutland and Æbelø and walk down the stairs to the beach and back to the harbour.

Hygge and good experiences at Bogense Old Harbour

Jazz on the eastern Pier, Knud Skæg's Music House and vintage cars - there's lots of music and hygge on the harbour.

Jazz Concerts in Bogense

Cancelled in June 2020 due to the corona crisis - we hope to see you later in 2020! Enjoy the great jazz music, a cold beer and the good mood at th...

The Music House on Bogense Harbour

The folk bands play so you can sing along and get in a good mood - join the good atmosphere and live music in the Music House at Bogense Harbour!

Veteran Cars in Bogense

Beautiful vintage cars, good atmosphere, cosiness and fun at the old Harbor in Bogense: Come to the vintage car meet in Bogense every Tuesday night in...

Find more events on Bogense Harbour!

Check the event calendar for more events!

Eating out

Find out where you want to enjoy your dinner on Bogense Harbour - or enjoy a picnic or just a cup of coffee at one of the tables and benches places around the harbour and marina.

Dampskibshuset Cafe & Ishus

Dampskibshuset serves great food and delicious homemade ice cream that you absolutely must try. There is a great view from the restaurant.

Fiskehuset Bogense

Fish buffet with a huge selection Bogense Fiskehus is located on the harbor, and has a lot of small cozy houses and corners.  In summer, you can si...

Juels Café

Juels Café is a lunch café pm the harbor front on the eastern pier with seating right down to the pier edge. Here you can get served "juels plate", s...

Restaurant Røgeriet

Cosy restaurant at the old harbour in Bogense. Springseason: April 1. - June 19.  Friday-Saturday From 6 pm Evening Buffet Main season: June 25....

Restaurant MøBer

See you at Restaurant MøBer on Bogense Marina - amazing view, great food and a must-visit restaurant!

Tip: You can buy ice cream on the harbour every summer - eg. at Dampskibshuset or Havnens Isbar & Café next to Fiskehuset!

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