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See you at Restaurant MøBer on Bogense Marina - amazing view, great food and a must-visit restaurant!

Sejlerkajen 3

5400 Bogense


Phone:+45 7370 9350


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Look forward to a delicious meal with a great view of Bogense Marina and the Kattegat!

The concept is simple: You dpn't have to decide via a long a la carte menu, but just choose whether you want a 2 or 3 course menu. You can also choose to go all-in with welcome snacks and drinks, starters, middle dishes, main courses, cheese, dessert and coffee with sweets as well as delicious wines selected for each dish. The menu is changed every two or three weeks depending on the season. See the menu on the restaurant's website and Facebook.
You can also enjoy your breakfast at Restaurant MøBer. Lunch will vary slightly depending on the season and will be a mix of delicious sandwiches served on homemade rye bread as well as some warm dishes. You'll also be able to buy cheese, coffee with pastry cake and more.

Opening hours

June - August: Open all days of the week

Breakfast 12:00 - 15:00

Evening 6 pm - 10 pm

Phone hours: all days of the week, 10am - 10pm

September - May: Open Tuesday to Sunday

Lunch 12:00 - 15:00 (Saturday and Sunday only)

Evening 6 pm - 10 pm

Phone hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 10pm


Sejlerkajen 3

5400 Bogense



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