Beach life on North Funen

Photo: Jens Wognsen

North Funen offers you lovely child-friendly sandy beaches, cozy harbour life with beautiful boats, fun water parks and a long coastline where you can go sea kayaking, kite surfing or try SUP boards.

Make a splash!

Water, sand and the best beaches on North Funen!

North Funen has something good for you: Funen's longest coastline at 154 km and some of Funen's best beaches. Here the children can play in the shallow water while mum and dad are sunbathing. If you want to get some excercise, you can play beach volleyball, fly kites and much more on the beach.

Is the sea something you sail in and not for swimming? Then go to one of the cozy harbours or one of Funen's largest marinas in Bogense. Or take a boat trip on MS Castor. Of course, you can also rent a boat yourself if you want to explore the coast in a sea kayak or dinghy.

North Funen also has excellent fishing spots, so there is plenty to do on the coast.

Is it raining? Then you can relax by the indoor swimming pool. Just hop in - Nordfyn is lovely by the water.

Find the best beaches on North Funen!

Photo: Jens Wognsen

Fun in the water!

Swimming pool, water park with slides, open-air bath or a sea bath? We've got it all for you!

Hasmark Badeland

Have fun in the large indoor and outdoor water park with different slides - and enjoy life in the wellness area with spa and sauna!

Bogense Svømmehal

The swimming pool in Bogense is fun and pure cosiness for the whole family. Here you can try the deep water basin, hot water pools, water slides and a...

Morud Outdoor Swimming Pool

There's so much fun by the water for the whole family at the outdoor swimming pool in Morud, where you can jump off the high diving board or let the l...

Bogense Sea Bath - public bathing in Bogense

Dive into the water and enjoy the sauna afterwards, swim for a lap in the ocean swimming lane or swim to the raft. The sea bath in Bogense is nice in ...

Harbour life on North Funen

Enjoy a nice walk on the pier, come here with your boat and enjoy the good atmosphere or relax with an ice cream - enjoy life at the harbour!

Bogense Marina

Bogense Marina is an impressive sight with all the big yachts - there is room for 700 yachts in the modern marina!

Bogense Old Harbour

The Old Harbour in Bogense was built way back in 1828 and was once a very active industrial and ferry port, but today it is pure cosiness, large boats...

Klintebjerg Harbour

Klintebjerg Harbour was once the largest harbour in Odense Fjord - today it is a fine little marina, where you can enjoy your picnic and the most beau...

Otterup Yacht Harbour

Otterup Marina at Egensedybet is Denmark's most beautiful natural harbour, where you can enjoy your packed lunch, a lovely walk and the view of Odense...

Always a good time in your boat - in Bogense or at Otterup Fjord!

Photo: Jens Wognsen

Sing along and folk music - usually Tuesdays on odd weeks in the Music Hut on Vestre Havnevej 13K!

Photo: VisitNordfyn

Rent a boat

Enjoy your own boat trip in Odense Fjord or Kattegat - or in the very calm lake Langesø!

Do you have your own boat, and you're just looking for slipways on North Funen? There are slipways at Skåstrup Strand, at Bogense Harbour, Fuglsang Strand and the Klintebjerg Harbour in Odense Fjord. 

Boat rental in Klintebjerg

Fishing trip or fun on the water? Rent dinghies with motor or kayaks at Klintebjerg Baadeleje and enjoy a nice day in Odense Fjord.

Boat Rental at Langesø

Enjoy a wonderful boat trip in lake Langesø at the beautiful forest Langesøskov. Experience a nice trip, where you see the area in a completely new way.   Boat rental: DKK 70,-/day. Security deposit DKK 100,- Boat rental: Shell Service Morud, 765 Rugårdsvej, 5462 Morud.

Get active in the water!

Kitesurfing, seakayaking or SUP-paddling? Try it on North Funen!

Kitesurfing by Flyvesandet

If you're looking for the good waves and beautiful nature, then the top of Funen by Flyvesandet is the coolest place for kitesurfing!

Sea Kayak and SUP Boards Rentals in North Funen

Fancy some fun in the water? Rent SUP boards or sea kayaks and get a unique experience along the North Funen coast!