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Guided tour of the home for horses Nyt Hesteliv

Experience a guided tour of the home where the horses that no one wanted or cared for now live. Here live 90 horses, ponies and donkeys that today can enjoy life - meet them and see their world!

Nyt Hesteliv – meaning New Horse Life -  is an association that works to help horses in need and tell about horse welfare. The association has a home for horses that is approved to receive neglected and sick horses and ponies.

There are about 90 horses, donkeys and ponies of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Some of them have had a hard life while others have had a good life. But what they all have in common is that they are now doing well in their new home. All the animals walk in the fields, and some of them, for example the older horses that need rest, can relax in their boxes at night. Ponies and horses live separately.

Guided tour

See the place and its residents, find out more about Nyt Hesteliv and enjoy a guided tour of the home for horses. The guided tour also consists of a visit among the ponies and donkeys. The animals are always happy to meet visitors and are very curious and friendly.


There is a guided tour every Wednesday at 13:30.

In June, July and August, there is also a tour on Wednesday and Thursday at 13:30.

It’s also possible to book tours at other times.

For booking, please send a mail to or call +45 2635 5865 between 10:00-16:00.

The visit lasts about one hour.


DKK 75, - pr. person

DKK 40 for members

DKK 0, - children 0-3 years

Group discount

10 people DKK 65,- per person

11 people or more DKK 60,- per person