Mushroom hunting on Flyvesandet

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Join the mushroom hunt on Friday 16 October during the autumn holidays and enjoy a nice trip with a skilled mushroom expert!

Flyvesandsvej 37

5450 Otterup

We'll find mushrooms and enjoy a nice walk in the woods at Flyvesandet together with an expert who knows everything about where you can find mushrooms - and which mushrooms are good to take home.

Bring the family and see how many kinds of mushrooms you can find - it's fun for the whole family.

Bring a basket and a small knife.

Also remember to wear practical and warm clothes and shoes.

Children under 12 can join for free accompanied by adults.


The trip will take place on Friday 16 October at 13-16.

Price: 100 kr.

Meeting place: The car park 100 meters before Flyvesandets Camping, Flyvesandsvej 37, Agernæs, 5450 Otterup

Tour guide: Klaus Sørensen


Flyvesandsvej 37

5450 Otterup

Opening hours

16 Oct 20 / 16 Oct 20


13:00 - 16:00

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