RV and motorhome sites on North Funen

It's such an easy holiday to plan: You take off in your camper and you see where you want to spend the night. On North Funen you can find the perfect motorhome pitches directly by the water, in the forest or by the lake. Plenty of places to have a good time!

Stay close to town, the forest or the beach - all in peace and quiet and the comfort of your motorhome. Nordfyn offers many nice motorhome sites and camper sites. Here you can relax and enjoy life in the right place. Put the motorhome at Bogense Harbour, with a view to Æbelø, close to Langesø, at Mosegården's lakes, at beautiful Hasmark Strand ... There are motorhome sites all over North Funen at different prices - and there's also a place for you.

Motorhome sites on North Funen


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On Østre Havnevej, next to the Sea Bath towards the harbour basin, you'll see something that looks like a metal sink. Here the toilets must be emptied. You can't drive all the way there.

Sewage from the sink and bath:

Just north of the old fish auction house on Vestre Havnevej (the white building right next to the harbour basin), is a concrete square with a drain. There is an oil separator, and so you can dispose of the wastewater here.

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