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Photo: Nina Flintegaard

Søndersø is the place to relax with the kids, go shopping or enjoy a nice walk in the beautiful landscape surrounding the town. See more of the unknown North Funen!

Take the kids to the city park and let them play, climb, skate or play ball. Shop in the big supermarkets, find a lovely bouquet in the flower shop or buy nice jewelry or cheap vintage finds. Take a walk by the lake in front of Dallund Castle or enjoy a bike ride on the Clover Pahts or relax before the big bike ride to Langesø. Søndersø is a nice experience!

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Art and history unite in the old church in Søndersø with the unique frescoes, the beautiful Dallund Castle which you can admire on a walk around the lake in front of the castle - and do check out the local celebrity, the sculpture Tørne, which is called something completely different by the locals ...

What's going on in Søndersø?

Find events and activities in Søndersø and on North Funen in the event calendar!

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