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On a forest walk in the Langesø forest

When your family wants a trip to the forest, Langesø Forest on North Funen is the perfect place for your outing all year round!

  • Pack snacks and cold fruit juice or hot cocoa and coffee.
  • Take a walk in the fantastic Langesø Forest under the tall trees.
  • Print a forest bingo card before the trip and see if you can find all the items
  • Enjoy a delicious burger at Cafe Victoria with a view of the forest.
  • Try a boat ride or a bison safari afterward.

Start the day by preparing a packed lunch or packing snacks and bring cold fruit juice or hot cocoa and coffee, depending on the season.

Then, you're ready for a delightful trip around the vast Langesø Forest, where there are impressively tall trees. For example, you can walk along the lake that gave the forest its name. Lake Langesø (which means the long lake) is 1300 meters long and 200 meters wide, and you can go around the lake on a 3 km hiking trail, enjoying the beautiful view and the tranquility under the trees.

Print a forest bingo card from visitnordfyn.dk's nature bingo page and see if you can spot all the items that belong in the forest. Remember to take pictures instead of picking flowers and plants, so the forest stays just as beautiful.

There are benches along the way where you can enjoy your snacks and drinks.

MTB in Langesø Forest

Note: Looking for more action? Go on an MTB ride on the excellent MTB trails in Langesø Forest. If you don't have MTB bikes, you can rent them nearby. Try the South Trail, a 10 km trail that is easier than the challenging 15 km North Trail. There are also chicken runs where you don't have to take the most challenging trail, making it perfect for the whole family. At the parking lot, you can wash mud off the bikes. Remember to buy a license or a day pass to cycle on the MTB tracks. Learn more about MTB in Langesø Forest here!

You're no good without food and drink

After the forest or bike tour, you've probably got an appetite for more. Cafe Victoria at Langesø serves delicious burgers, salads, cakes, and many other dishes – and you sit with a beautiful view of the forest and the golf course. There's, of course, a children's menu. If you fancy ice cream, Vaffelhuset has something for you.

An idyllic rowing trip on the lake

If you have more energy and desire a unique experience, you can rent a boat and go on a unique rowing trip in Langesø.

Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

On the way home, you can pass by Ditlevsdal Bison Farm, where you can see the bisons in the fields next to the road.

Keep an eye on the opening hours. Stop by when the farm shop is open. Then you can buy delicious meat and delicacies to take home, and the kids can play on the obstacle course right next to the farm shop. There are guided bison safaris throughout the year, so check on that and book an exciting tour the day you're on a forest trip at Langesø.

End the day with a delicious bison buffet at the bison farm – or take the meat home and have a tasty bison dinner there.

Practical information


There is a parking lot at Langesø Vaffelhus on Langesøvej 146. It is also possible to park in the parking lot at Langesø Golf Club on Langesøvej 139.


The toilets at Vaffelhuset on Langesøvej 146 are open to the public 24/7, all year round.

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