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Boat trips on MS Castor

Photo: Bent Nygaard Larsen

MS Castor is once again ready to sail with passengers! Book a pirate trip, a trip to Æbelø or just a trip to the sea. Or rent the boat and become a captain for a day!

Captain for a day!

Book the ship Castor for a day!

Are you planning a party, a fishing trip at sea or a family gathering? You can offer your guests a different experience with MS Castor. Sail wherever you want - you're in charge!

Learn how to set sails, fish from the ship, go for a swim, be sailors for a day, book a guide, or go on a pirate tour with a real pirate - the only limit is your imagination.

MS Castor is ready to go to sea. She is equipped with speaker systems for the hearing impaired, as well as the possibility of connecting a projector, if you're interested in company events.

It's entirely up to you whether you choose to bring your own dinner or whether you want to let us take care of catering during the trip - everything from sandwiches to tapas plates - of course according to your wishes.

Maximum number of passengers: 39 people
When dining under deck: 25 people
Unfortunately, the ship is not suitable for people who have difficulties walking.

Contact us to get it all sorted out - you'll have a great experience! Contact us for prices and much more at + 45 6481 2044/ e-mail


Hey - didn't Castor burn?

Don't worry, she'll be able to sail again...

In September 2018, Castor burned in the old harbour in Bogense. The ship was at berth when the skipper saw smoke coming from the engine room. And then the alarm went off, people were stirring, and the sky was covered with thick black smoke ... The firefighters got control of the fire fairly quickly, but the damage unfortunately turned out to be worse than initially thought. The wooden ship was declared totally damaged, and a rebuild was needed. It was not only the hull that burned, but also wires and hoses.

So Castor came to the shipyard, and the shipyard visit to Egernsund turned into a very long one, where they also found rotten planks on the port and starboard side. Castor is now under repair, and she's ready to sail again for the 2020 season.

From fishing in the North Sea to boat trips at island Æbelø

Did you know that Castor is actually an old lady?

MS Castor was built in Esbjerg in 1936 and was a fishing boat in the North Sea until the mid-1950s.
In the 1960s, the ship was rebuilt and furnished as a school ship for young criminals. Later, Castor started sailing with tourists, locals and charter guests on trips in the Kattegat and the Little Belt.

In 1996, the ship was bought by a group of citizens in Bogense, where she has since had her place in the old port. In 2014, Castor went from being a limited company to becoming the Self-Owned Institution Castor of Bogense. It provided the opportunity to apply for funds and grants for keeping the ship in operation. The tour ship is 52 feet long and 16 feet wide. It weighs 40 tons, has a depth of 3 meters and carries 39 passengers.

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