MS Castor

Photo: Bent Nygaard Larsen

MS Castor was a former fishing galley which came to Bogense to sail with passengers. The ship no longer sails.

MS Castor was built in Esbjerg in 1936 and was a fishing boat in the North Sea until the mid-1950s.
In the 1960s, the ship was rebuilt and furnished as a school ship for young criminals. Later, Castor started sailing with tourists, locals and charter guests on trips in the Kattegat and the Little Belt.

In 1996, the ship was bought by a group of citizens in Bogense, where she has since had her place in the old port. In 2014, Castor went from being a limited company to becoming the Self-Owned Institution Castor of Bogense. It provided the opportunity to apply for funds and grants for keeping the ship in operation. The tour ship is 52 feet long and 16 feet wide. It weighs 40 tons, has a depth of 3 meters and carries 39 passengers.

Castor comes ashore

The last season MS Castor sailed with passengers was 2023.

MS Castor is no longer sailing. She requires too many repairs to get her back on the water.

In March 2024, the ship was sold to local Bogense businessman Finn Gramvad, who wants to put the ship on land as a landmark at the Bogense harbour.

Castor med Dannebrog


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