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Jersore Galloway and Jershave

Jershave Natural meat is meat from 130 galloway cattle, which you can see on the nature areas Nørreby Hals, Enebærodde and Ølund. See the beautiful animals and buy the delicious meat!

Galloway meat

Jersore Galloway has some 170 Galloway cattle grazing on 400 hectares of meadow. Some of the animals can be seen at Nørreby Hals in summer (parking at Halsvej 55, 5400 Bogense, follow the road along the beach) and Enebærodde (parking at Halshusene 13, 5450 Otterup).

Animal welfare

Animal welfare and ethics are important to the company. The calves are taken away from their mother at the age of 6-7 months to live on the farm for a short period, after which they return to the meadows for the rest of their lives. The animals are stunned in the fold before they are slaughtered.

The meat has a healthy composition of fats. It is low-fat and tasty.

Where to buy?

Jershave Naturkød, named after the farm Jershave, is responsible for the sale and distribution of the meat.

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