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Heaven and sea and a good time at Enebærodde

Experience nature together on a cozy bike ride or walk on the car-free Enebærodde isthmus between Odense Fjord and the Kattegat!

  • Go for a bike ride or a walk in beautiful nature on a nice path in a car-free and safe environment.
  • Rent bikes at First Camp Hasmark Strand.
  • Remember to print beach bingo sheets and pack a lunch before the trip.
  • Finish with an ice cream and delicious fruits.

Get up early and get ready for a great day in a unique natural area!

Pack a delicious lunch or snacks and drinks for the trip.

Then you're ready to head to Enebærodde between Odense Fjord and Kattegat. There is a large parking lot just before Enebærodde, where you can take out your bikes or lace up your hiking boots.

If you don't have your own bikes, you can rent them at First Camp Hasmark Strand - remember to call well in advance to reserve bikes! There are also bike rentals at several locations in Odense.

On your way along Enebærodde

Enebærodde is 20 meters wide at its narrowest point and up to 750 meters wide, and the isthmus is 6 kilometers long. There is a path along the coast all the way around Enebærodde, and the hiking and biking route is 11.9 kilometers. You don't need to take the whole route, but take note of the beautiful nature - there are beaches, heathland, forests, and fantastic views.

If you go all the way to the tip, you'll be at the base of Enebærodde Lighthouse, and you can see Lodshuse on the other side of Odense Fjord at Gabet.

There are plenty of spots on the isthmus where you can take a break and enjoy some bread and something to drink.

And there's always time for a scavenger hunt! Print beach bingo cards from VisitNordfyn's Nature Bingo page and see how quickly each of you can get a full card. Remember to take pictures instead of flowers.

Can you spot a viper?

There is a large population of vipers on Enebærodde. Most of them are even of the unusual all-black colour. The best chance of seeing vipers is in spring. This is when the vipers have come out of hibernation, but they are still lethargic and seek the sun to get warm from the beautiful spring sunshine. However, you may also be lucky enough to see them in summer and autumn before it gets too cold.

Snakes can only hear low tones, so they can't hear you talking. But they are good at sensing vibrations, so if you want to see snakes, make sure you walk very carefully. Be careful not to touch them. They are more afraid of humans than we are of them - but they will of course defend themselves if they see no other way out.

Time for ice cream and fruit!

When the trip is over, it's time for a refreshment! You can get an ice cream at Hasmark Grill near the parking lot or at First Camp Hasmark Strand.

End the day by stopping by farm shop Poul Eriks Gårdbutik, which has delicious fresh vegetables in the summer months, or the orchard Fjordvang Frugtplantage and get delicious fresh apples, pears, sweet cherries, and plums - depending on the season.

Practical Information


There is a large parking lot just before the isthmus on Tygesvej/Rørmosevej.


There is a public toilet at the parking lot on Tygesvej. The toilet is open year-round.

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