Skåstrup Strand

Photo: Ole Thrane
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A long jetty, a shallow beach for the children, beautiful views and green areas right at the beach - Skåstrup Beach is lovely!

Strandgyden 28

5400 Bogense



Lovely beach at Skåstrup between Bogense and Båring Vig. Here's shallow water so the kids can play in the water.

There's a long jetty - if you're up to it, you can jump into the water!

At the beach you will also find a large green area which makes it a perfect destination for a day trip with packed lunches.

It's also a great place to fish.

The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag as a symbol of good facilities, good water quality and good conditions for the environment.


Strandgyden 28

5400 Bogense


Car park nearby

Blue flag

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