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Vædeled Gårdbrug Farm Shop

Buy delicious vegetables, jams and flour in the farm shop at the organic farm Vædeled Gårdbrug - and you can also find sourdough bread and other delicacies!

Vædeled Gårdbrug is a newly started organic small farm on North Funen. The farm is a collaboration between two generations of producers, who together focus on agriculture in better interaction with the nature around it.

This creates good taste and delicious products - and you can experience that when you shop in the farm shop, where you can also buy other foods from small sustainable producers in Denmark.

The farm shop offers freshly harvested vegetables, which vary in selection depending on the season. But here are different kinds of cabbage, squash, potatoes and many other good vegetables.

Vædeled Gårdbrug is establishing its own mill, so before long they can deliver freshly ground flour from their own fields.
You can already buy sourdough bread and Funish cake buns from Surdejsbrødet in Gelsted every Saturday. 

If you want to be sure of being able to buy bread, it must be ordered no later than Thursday at 12.30.

Opening hours

The farm shop is open every Saturday at 8-14 or by appointment.