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Skovby Kirke

Here you see the church with its own gate for horse-drawn carriages - and the beautiful medieval church is very large, because it was a county church.

Skovby was the administrative centre for twelve parishes until 1970, and as a result, the church was quite rich and large.

The church was dedicated to St Martin de Tours who left the army of the Roman Empire, travelled in Europe as a Christian missionary, and later became the Bishop of Tours in France. He was a popular saint in the Middle Ages.

The church in Skovby was built in romanesque style in granite ashlar on a double plinth. In the 15th century, the western wing and the tower was added.

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  • The room is roofed with a beautiful cross vault.
  • The picture of Trinity was made by the famous wood carver and artist Claus Berg ca 1500 AD.
  • The alterpiece was made by Kaj Louis Jensen in 1960.
  • The organ was built in 1974.

The portal outside the church is very large and impressive. It was built in the Middle Ages in the Gothic Style, and consists of a large port for horse carriages and a small door for pedestrians.

In the cemetery, 28 soldiers from the war of 1848-50 are buried. They died at the hospital at Harritslevgaard 1848-49.

There is also a family burial site for the Danish-German noble family Bardenfleth, who owned Harritslevgaard in the 18th century.

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