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Røde Mølle (the Red Mill)

What's that lovely old building down the road? It is indeed Røde Mølle, which was once a sawmill under the Langesø Estate

Røde Mølle is an old water mill located close to the Langesø estate. The mill is located at the mouth of the brook Sværup Mølleå, which flows into the small river Stavids Å. The river flows through the mill pond by the building.

Røde Mølle and the farmhouse was built around 1825, and back then it was a grain mill. The mill burned down in 1831 and was restored as a sawmill under the Langesø estate, which also had extensive forestry at that time.

The half-timbered buildings at Røde Mølle, which means Red Mill, were painted red, hence the name. The mill was in operation until 1948, and then the mill was restored.

Røde Mølle/ Red Mill and the farmhouse are listed as protected buildings and have been restored several times.

The mill is private and you can see the historic building from the road.

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